Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hard Hat Time

New Day.

New President.

Back to work everybody, and welcome to the most difficult job of your life Mr. President.

I don't know if any of y'all have been to a construction site, but at everyone I've visited they have this annoying rule about hard hats. If you want to walk around the site, you have to wear the hard hat. Now, anybody who has ever worn a hard hat knows that given their flimsy design, if something actually did fall on your head a hardhat would be little protection. But, you have to wear them anyway.

Well, Obama is wearing his hard hat now.

I'm sure that Obama already had some idea of the scope of the massive American "construction" project he signed up for because he's been receiving official briefings on the state of the country since he was elected. But, I would be shocked if those reports were as detailed as the information he's receiving now that he's actually the president.

People are offering him advice, he's probably drinking coffee and by the end of the day he might be puffing on a cancer stick. Right now, Obama is quite busy dodging the buckets of shit that are raining down on his head thanks to the incompetence and corruption of his predecessor. It's definitely a hard hat kind of day.

But, that's just the way life works. Typically, once you finally climb the mountain and reach the summit, you find that it's just as difficult to maintain your perch as it was to attain it. Obama knew what the job he sought would entail, and if there's one thing that gives me confidence, it's that this brother is unlikely to be shocked or surprised.

He'll just get to work.



Deacon Blue said...

LOL...depending on what he tries to do first and whom he's trying to deal with in Washington, he may need full body armor instead of a hard hat.

For the rest of this presidential term, I suspect it might get hard at times to tell when folks are simply rebuilding and when they're combatting with each other.

WNG said...

He already did, Big Man. Freezing salaries, calling world leaders, SHUTTING DOWN GUANTANAMO! The man hit the ground running.

As my neighbor said to me this afternoon - It's on like Donkey Kong!

Big Man said...

I'm just glad y'all commented on the post. I was starting to get worried.

Yeah, I heard about the Gitmo thing, and that was after a prayer breakfast. I don't know if I could have focused on such a small amount of sleep, but Obama knows that he will not be graded on a curve for his first 100 days.

Darth Whitey said...

The world feels different today, it's GREAT!!! Hallelujah!

I'd love to see some pics of Obama in the oval office, can't find any except one on CNN's home page, anybody know where to find? If it were me, I'd kick everybody out of my office for a few hours just to jump around giddy looking at the desk and everything, then have the wife come in and give me a h..

I watched a show about Air Force One on the history channel the other day, amazing, now THAT is a ride.

Raving Black Lunatic