Monday, June 2, 2008

The Little Things.

Really, quickly I want those of you who have loose bills of various denominations in your pockets to pull them out and lay them on a flat surface in front of you. Now, while looking to the side, mix the bills up so you don't know which denomination is in which spot. Finally, close your eyes and try to identify the denomination of each bill.

Difficult, right?

Now, imagine if you weren't just trying to identify those bills because some random blogger told you to, but because you were working in Walgreens and a customer wanted their change. They told you they gave you $20 for that 25 cent pack of gum, but you have no idea whether they gave $1 or a piece of paper shaped like a dollar.

That would suck wouldn't it?

I'd never thought about that scenario until I read a recent article in the New York Times that discussed some of the basic struggles blind people endure in America. The story's peg was the fact that it has been determined that the federal government must now include some way for blind people to identify money on all new bills.

I've often said that I lead a charmed life. I know I've portrayed myself as the prototypical "angry black man," and in many ways that description fits me, but ultimately when I take stock of my life I thank God and find contentment. I have a good family, a decent job and nice amount of happiness. There are far worse ways my life could have turned out.

That's not to say that I consider being disabled as some horrible curse, but it does seem to make life a lot more difficult. According to the article, almost every blind person has a story detailing how they were taken advantage of by an able-bodied person when it came to money.

Comments like that make me take stock of my life, take stock of my place in this world. They make me wonder how much I take for granted, how many blessings from God I don't recognize or acknowledge.

I hope they do the same for you.


WNG said...

I was just about to slip (back) into feeling sorry for myself. Big Man you are right on time.

Gye Greene said...


Reminds me of the scenes in the Ray Charles bio (the movie "Ray"), where he insisted on being paid in one-dollar bills.

Makes sense.


Raving Black Lunatic