Thursday, April 14, 2011

Five Fingers, Meet Face

Man, some people are just rude.

Like cops in White Plains, New York, for example.

Bad enough this cop kills a high school kid.  But, for the benevolent association to go ahead and name him "Officer of the Year" after the killing is just beyond the pale. And I don't care how impressed the group was with the wayhe carried himself through the Mickey Mouse investigation by his superiors, the award sends a very sad message.

Basically, killing young Negroes gets you an A+.

Well, that's the message I received, along with the message that the police will ALWAYS close ranks around one of their own as long as the officer isn't accused of snitching. Murder, rape, theft, are worthy of protection even after conviction. For some reason, when regular people get arrested, the police automatically assume they are guilty, but when police officers get arrested, that same confidence in the legal system disappears. It's why some folks describe the police as the nation's largest and most powerful gang. Think about it.

Clearly, this benevolent group wanted to send a message to the rest of the world that they didn't care what anybody said or thought abotu that shooting.  They believed this officer was worthy of congratulations for taking another life under strange circumstances. A panel of his peers had cleared him, so of course there was nothing to be concerned about. Of course.

It's just another brick in the massive wall between most black folks and law enforcement. There is very little trust on either side, and that lack of trust began because of the actiosn by folks with badges.

That wall isn't coming down any time soon.


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Blaque Ink said...

As the saying goes "F*ck the police."

Raving Black Lunatic