Monday, April 18, 2011

The Blacks

Setting: A dimly lit, smoke filled room. Pictures of Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and assorted revolutionary types dot the walls. There is a tiny incense coffin on a round table in the center of the room with several rickety chairs around it. Near the walls are ragged leather couches with stuffing poking out of the arms. Rolling papers, playing cards, and shot glasse are visble on the table. An older model television rests on a rickety stand, and several black men lounge on the sofa and sit around the table.

Angry Black is watching the television with his lips curled in disgust: Is this cracka Trump serious? First, the bankruptcy loving, television star had the nerve to start up with the birth certificate bullshit again, and now he pulls this? He got the nerve to say "the blacks" love him, like we even care about his dumbass. Man, I'll slap him bald if I catch him the street.

Mr. Black looks up from the card game at Angry Black: A. B., why don't you change the channel and go get some air? Trump is only counting his money, while you over here about to blow a vessel. Why you let a white man like Trump irritate you so much?

Old Black: Yeah Youngblood, you need to, uh, what y'all youngsters say: Take a chill pill.That there man is rich, and rich folks is gonna say what they please. Don't you go worrying about it.

Conservative Black slams downs his cards with a loud sigh of exasperation: Are we going to play, or are you Negroes going to continue to let your ridiculous love for that idiot in the White House blind you to the value of Trump's campaign to protect this country's interests? And no, I'm not talking about birth certificates, you idiots.

Angry Black: What did you say you Duke-loving, Romney-worshipping Uncle Tom? Did you just call me an idiot? Somebody please tell me that Clarence Thomas over here called me an idiot so I can bust his egg-shaped head!

Conservative Black: I'm saying somebody needs to get in power who recognizes that this country was not built on welfare and debt. All you Negroes thought Obama was going to be your lord and savior. How's that hope treating you?

Angry Black: You a coon nigga.

Conservative Black: And you're a nigger, nigger.

Angry Black gets up off the sofa and Conservative Black rises from his chair.

Old Black: Both of y'all niggas need to sit down. Neither of you could bust a grape in a fruit fight, and y'all getting all puffed up. What y'all mad about, both of you telling the truth.
This fake revolutionary over here sounds like an idiot every time he starts a rant about The Man and the Illumnati ruining his life. Nigga, the only thing ruining your life is the fact that you can't iron and don't work.
And Brooks Brothers, you are a Tom. Nigga, you know that. All you do is smile and shuffle for these here white folks. Nigga, I'm surprised you don't have on penny loafers and a glitter glove the way you wanna be white. Everything a white man says is the word of God, while ain't a single black person with good sense in the world, let you tell it...

Mr. Black: O.B.

Old Black: What nigga? What?

Mr. Black: Calm down before you stroke out. You have made thise about the many failings of our flawed friends, but it should be about whether Trump has the right to label himself a friend of "the blacks." We sitting here fighting amongst ourselves, while Trump is running around telling the world about his black friends. Figures.

Angry Black: What you mean it figures? You always think you know something, but you damn near as much of a Tom as Alan Keyes over there. You just hide it better.

Mr. Black: Son, you sound stupider than Jalen Rose at 18. Everybody who doesn't agree with you is a Tom. Anybody who can function in white society is a Tom.
You're sitting here in skinny jeans made by a white man, watching a television show produced by white people, and you live in a studio apartment owned by a white man. How the hell you plan on calling anybody out for being a Tom when you're the one paying all their damn bills!

Conservative Black: Ha, that's telling the fake Huey Newton. How about you get some bonds instead of paying bond?

Mr. Black: Shut up Con. You're just the flip side of the same coin and you don't even see it... Anyway, what right does Trump have to call himself our friend? What has he done for black folks? Hell, didn't he put Omarosa on Kwame's team? Sounds like he is well versed in creating black strife to me.
Trump suffers from delusions of grandeur and a lack of conscience. No man with morals could have hair like that.

Y'all in here fighting and insulting each other when you need to thinking about why so many white folks feel comfortable claiming to love "the blacks," but can't produce proof the first of that love?

Y'all need to be considering what is going to happen when every white person thinks they have done their part, and they begin to wonder when they can stop listening to black folks completely. Basically, y'all need to be wondering what the popularity of a man who looks and sounds like Donald Trump means for black folks.
And y'all can start thinking right after we finish this spades game. Young Black, get over here and catch this beating.



Darth Whitey said...

I'm loving this Trump sideshow, it's hilarious. Go ahead and nominate him repubs, go ahead I dare you. heh.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, thanks for that chuckle.

“Y'all need to be considering what is going to happen when every white person thinks they have done their part, and they begin to wonder when they can stop listening to black folks completely.”

I’ve considered it, at birth is when they start believing they have done their part and the voices of Black folks need to be ignored.

As for Trump, just another in the long line of affirmative action white boys who believe the hype, that he is smarter and more talented than the rest. His white skin played some role in getting those bankers (White) to leverage his properties, and disregard equity protection. Having daddy's money to work with create the illusion of talent.

Donald has that dubious distinction of filing bankruptcy while owning and operating a casino. I though the house always wins, at least more times than not, apparently not in the case of dumbfuck Donald.

Shady_Grady said...

That was pretty good writing.

Big Man said...

didn"t know that about the casino. figures he would have those types of issues and still have that sort of attitude. those are always the ones.

Imhotep said...

Big Man, Trump is no stranger to the bankruptcy court, and I believe as many bankruptcy as wives, three each.

You would think with is alleged business acumen he would be talking about fixing the economy, but instead he's taking the losing track of birtherism. Again, proving that intelligence is not his strong suit.

Not that I think for a moment, he would know what to do with the economy, but that’s the facade that the birther movement have to offer him. Fiscal responsibility, control spending, blah, blah. The Donald ignored that bullshit but respectable sounding cover and went straight for the no birth certificate card. Definitely a losing hand.

Sandman will be along to remove Donald from the stage in a couple months, if not sooner, much sooner.

Raving Black Lunatic