Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abandon All Hope

First off, fuck Donald Trump as a man, politician and a motherfucking crew. And if you down with Donald Trump, fuck you too...

Sorry, I was channeling Tupac right there. I apologize for that outburst. But I was listening to Baratunde go off on Donald Trump, and I felt like I needed to get gangsta after that joint.

Sigh, what else is there to say about the Donald after his victory? I'm saddened that he won, saddened that he can preen and pose like he's a serious person. I'm disappointed that Obama caved, even as I understand why it had to happen.

But, what I'm really, really feeling is validation. I'm feeling validation of my overarching pessimism about the state of race relations in this country, and my long-held belief that this thing is far more serious than most white folks realize.

See, Obama is it. He is the fully-formed realization of all the wet dreams of integrationists across this nation. He is the embodiment of post-racial America. The son of a mixed couple, a product of the best education, a former attorney, and a black man who loathes discussing race. He doesn't blame white folks, hell he loves his mother and grandparents. He isn't interested in righting past wrongs, he just wants to make the future better.

Simply put, if Obama can't make white folks comfortable, the rest of us Negroes, at least those of us with a fully functioning backbone, don't have a shot. With all of our accumulated anger and frustration, we don't have a snowball's chance in hell. There is no way we can ever, ever achieve American success and still not alienate the vast majority of the white population. Sorry, it can't happen.

Thanks for driving that point home Donald.



Darth Whitey said...

I'm VERY disappointed that he acquiesced and produced the document. I thought he'd ride it out and let the republicans completely destroy themselves over it. I don't see the strategic value. He's pretty good at taking the long view though, maybe he's got something up his sleeve.

But I agree with your assessment Big Man. It's dreadfully sad.

Also, the beginning of your post reminded of a funny Eminem rhyme:

"Will Smith don't gotta cuss in his raps to sell records. Well I do, so fuck him and fuck you too."

Deacon Blue said...

Donald Trump is a perfect example of how deeply ingrained racism is in this nation.

This is a man who we've always known was a jerk, but he had an amiable goofiness to him as well. We didn't necessarily like him, but he seemed harmless enough among the other greedy bastards...perhaps less odious in some ways.

And yet when there is a black man in the Oval Office, this filthy-rich man who has very little to worry about in terms of his ability to get along handsomely in life, he suddenly becomes this raging idiot who latches on to one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories to come along and sets out to destroy a man who, if he had been white instead, would never get such treatment.

When a man who is at no risk from anything Obama does is that scared that he goes down to that feral and illogical a level, how much more so do the people who have trouble making ends meet (or can't) look at Obama and think, "Kill the Negro. He's the source of all our troubles." ?

I mean, Republicans complained about Bill Clinton, but how many whites brazenly, openly and publicly called for his death (as so many do online and at events these days)? Conversely, we have Obama, who is black and frankly isn't that much different than Clinton in terms of a lot of his approaches and policies, and he gets death threats from every direction and gets blamed for every single problem here and abroad?

Shit, the GOP tells Obama we need to go into Libya, then eviscerates him when he does. They tell him to produce a birth certificate, then criticize him for wasting time when he does. They abandon key issues they once supported and call them Socialism the moment Obama agrees it's a good idea (like cap and trade policies).

Racism is so deeply ingrained in this nation that I don't know if it can ever be removed. I weep for the fact that this country looked like it was slowly changing for the better but seems like racist feelings have festered so badly in many places that they negates any progress made by and among other people in the nation, and perhaps overshadow those gains. I weep for my wife, my stepson and my daughter, who have to deal with that shit.

Shit. Sorry. I think I simply lost direction in there and started rambling.

Anyway, Fuck Trump.

the uppity Negro said...

HA! the first paragraph still makes me laugh.

Fuck the Donald.

btw....i'm living in your fair city now. Not unless you've moved.

Imhotep said...

BigMan, I share your frustration. What we have just witness with this birth certificate circus is what pisses me off about white folks, all of them.

First, let me take the crackers to task, the lying SOBs. They like to use this dog whistle term “personal responsibility” basically saying that black people ain’t got none. And if somehow we could muster up some personal responsibility then we would go places. Comes along a Black man, who plays by their rules, embraces their goals and attend their fancy schools. Basically keeps a clean slate and does well for himself and his family. Through hard work, ingenuity and connections he makes it to the highest office in the land. Instead of these crackers applauding him for his efforts, they drag the brother through the mud because he had the audacity to step out of his place and entertained bigger dreams than he was allowed. These racist pigs hound him for his birth certificate, he provides the legally binding document produced by the state of Hawaii, whose original document was reviewed by the then Republican governor of Hawaii. The racist are not satisfied they want the long form, claiming that would satisfy everything. Lies, all lies! The brother gets the long form, racist pigs claim it’s a fraud, and now they are clamoring for his college records. This is just a continuation of white folks need to dehumanize a Black person. There is nothing this man can do short of change his skin color to white that will satisfy this segment of the white population.

All this takes us back to the 19th century where a black person could not go from one plantation to the next unescorted and without authorization papers. And anywhere along that journey any white man (the village idiot or otherwise) could stop the brother and ask for his papers and he had to produce it without protest. This birtherism is the modern version of telling the brother he cannot move around without a white sponsor, his papers are not good enough, and needs to return to his plantation.

Next, the Liberal whites. Where the fuck are you? How do you let some carnival barker get the upper hand, and render your voice ineffective? Why could you not match his volume? Can you really be proud of your effort in dealing with the barker? It’s not like the carnival barker was dealing with facts, it was all innuendos and allegations. How could you not use facts or at least a loud voice to overpower the carnival barker and take control of the issue? The barker said things like “I heard” or “someone said” or “I read”, let me give you a clue, that’s the opening for a fucking rumor. If our allies in this fight against the racist pigs cannot effectively push back against a malicious racist rumor, then what good are you in this fight? Must say, I've to wonder about your level of commitment.

Part of the problem is your unwillingness to listen to what we have to say. We know a thing or two about racism and more times than not we can spot it a mile away. We were telling you the barker is racist. You would say no, insisting that I’m too sensitive, and not all whites are racist. We would say look, the motherfucka is aligning himself with the overtly racist element of the white population, and appealing to the casual racist. All you saw was him trying to get publicity for his show. Now that the racist barker has pivoted to the affirmative action card against someone who graduated magna cum laude, can there be any doubt as to the motives of the carnival barker? And don’t tell me he’s trying to get publicity, call him what he is, a racist pig!

dj said...


i'm a biracial (read : black) man and I've been reading the post on this site for the last couple of weeks and I enjoy them quite a bit and i'm feeling most of whats being said. I just want to say that not all 2520's are like trump and the anonymous internet thugs that leave racist comments. There are a LOT of knuckleheads out there no question and I encounter them on the daily but there are also some folks trying to do the right thing. thats all i'm sayin.
David Pina

Big Man said...

Quite true. Deacon Blue is white. As is Darth, although he's still under construction...
There are many decent and good white people, some of whom are much more committed to rooting out racism then me. I don't think black people forget that ever. However, frustration needs to be vented or it festers. That's just life.


I feel ya. I thought the same thing as Trump was allowed to demand transparency from the President all while refusing to reveal his sources or his own personal information. It was a classic double standard that nobody seemed inclined to question. And we both know why.


I wonder if he is giving in because he wants Trump to be popular. Maybe he thinks that the higher Trump rises, the more this birther stuff becomes a big deal, the easier it will be to rally folks back to this side. Black folks might be mad at him, but we won't let ANYONE else take shots. That's how we roll.


Keep the faith homie. Keep the faith.


I'm still in Nawlins. Drop me a line.

MiGrant said...

@Imhotep — when you're right, you're right! Fuck Trump.

dj said...

Big Man

“However, frustration needs to be vented or it festers”
Couldn’t agree with you more. If you’re not able to get what you’re feeling off your chest that’s a problem which will result in mental health issues or someone gettin their ass whupped or both.

MiGrant said...

And in case you weren't quite convinced yet that Trump is a dick:

Blaque Ink said...

Someday this era of white privilege MUST come to an end.

Anonymous said...

Umm Robert Deniro and Jerry seinfeld BOTH spoke out on took a dump I mean Trump. I wonder though where are the BLACK public figures speaking out?! Black people have been bitching and complaining since Obama took office they NEVER have his back. You throw someone to the wolves THEN want to beat them up for letting the wolves feast on their flesh. Black people need to get OFF THEIR ASSES and stop acting like this is 1925 be proactive NOT reactive.

Tom said...

I don't think the vast majority of the white population is alienated by Obama. Half maybe. It's a factor for sure, but imo O would still beat most white politicians, including Trump.

Raving Black Lunatic