Friday, September 12, 2008

"I'm John McCain, Bitch"

"Eff your rules, nigger."

That's what John McCain is yelling while jumping up and down on the rules of "polite" political discourse. It's very similar to when Rick James left footprints on Eddie Murphy's couch. McCain ain't just walking all over the rules, that wrinkled bastard is doing the foxtrot, jitterbug and Charleston.

Remember how I used to be so outraged at Hillary and Bill for the racist crap they pulled during the Democratic primary? Their innuendos and wisecracks seemed so horrible back then. Now that seems like the good old days. People said the Republicans were going to be worse than the Clintons, but I really couldn't see it.

The sunglasses are off now.

The veil has been lifted and things are getting trill. Black people are getting called uppity, white people are telling outright lies with no shame and the media is wringing its hands asking "Why can't we all just get along?"

There is a real 1960s vibe about life these days.

Now some might call that comment hyperbole, but I just call it honest evaluation. During the Civil Rights era, white folks in power had a habit of letting black people know exactly how they felt about us and also telling massive lies whenever it was convenient. That sounds mighty familiar right now.

For years, most of us have adhered to the rules and been politically correct during public conversations. Of course, Republicans have always been habitual line-steppers, but with this election they've shot right past that. They appear to have embraced the idea of slapping people in the face with racist insults and then daring ANYBODY to check them on it.

In a perverse way, you almost have to admire their collective cojones.

I'm both outraged and amused at how easily John McCain and Sarah Palin have cast off the thin veneer of respectability McCain first embraced. It's like he took an honest look at his chances to beat the political phenomenon known as Barack Obama and decided:

"Eff it."

Obviously, I don't appreciate the racist attacks that have been leveled at Obama, and I'm disgusted by the blatant propaganda that the McCain campaign has circulated. But, I must admit that I'm entertained by how seamlessly McCain has co-opted the tactics of George Bush, and managed to become even more despicable than Bush. I can't really explain why McCain is more despicable, but for some reason it just feels true.

Anyway, I hope McCain keeps bitch slapping the media, jumping on Obama's couch and making Sarah Palin show the world her boobies. My blood pressure is rising, but I honestly think this campaign needed to happen in America. People, particularly black people, needed to see just how many folks really haven't changed their minds about black people's place on the totem pole.

Look, not only is the truth being revealed, but thanks to McCain, the country is being bombarded with the truth every single day. That truth is simple; rules don't matter when you have power and niggers will always be niggers.

That's John McCain....Bitch.


Darth Whitey said...

That was a highly entertaining post, and hard to disagree with, although a bit vague (I need examples of racist remarks n stuff.)

I told y'all (well, not sure I was here yet,) that the Clintons were just blowing kisses compared to what was coming. Shoot, they did him a favor, gave him a small taste, toughen him up a bit. He better take the gloves off and start fighting back! He's looking like a pussy right now.

McCain should be ashamed of himself. I thought he was the most honorable of the republican candidates (actually there's still no doubt, compared to all those other scumbags in the primaries) but still, damn. Wow. And Palin, what a joke.

Let's see if we're still as stupid as we were in 2000 and 2004. I give up if we blow this one too.

Marrio TheBlackGuy said...

Finally, all of my feelings of angst and trepidation have been verbalized. I am really getting pissed just listening to all of the hot air being spewed on a regular basis, I'm itching for a fight. I just hope Barry O is also!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%. Shoot, Hill and Bill were just the warm-up. McCain and the Repubs have taken off the gloves and they are indeed letting the world know how they feel about us. The fact though that half of America seems to be buying their acts despite the fact that Palin clearly knows jack (that Gibson interview was painful to watch), does indeed let us know that despite the so-called progress that has been made racially in this country we still have a long way to go.

Big Man said...

Darth, it's contradictory to say you don't know what Hillary and Bill did that was racist, and then say that they only gave Obama a small taste. A small taste implies that they did something similar to what McCain is doing now. Finally, Obama is far from a pussy. Very far.

Marrio and Maine

I was itching for a fight a few days back, but now I'm just laughing. Obama is the most calm black man in the history of the world. Easily. I'm glad he's the one handling this BS because his demeanor forces people to really question why he's the object of such rabid attacks. If Obama was angry and blustery, people would just write it off as people responding to the way he behaved when they attacked him. But, because of his calmness, it's impossible to do that.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

long live satire

Darth Whitey said...

No no, I didn't mean what Hil n Bill did was racist, I meant the low road slimeyness. I'm not sure I caught a whiff of racism in it, but there may have been overtones. Hard to avoid the appearance when ripping on someone who happens to be black (hah! "happens to") But I knew it, I kept telling people who were really upset at the "Rovian" tactics of the Clintons that it was absolutely nothing compared to what the Repubs would unleash.

And I insist, Obama is looking like a pussy right now. You get the sense the old man could twist him into a pretzel, and he can't hold his liquor. Not that it should matter, but it matters to the electorate. He's running a horrible campaign, the Obama we saw in the primaries was a completely different politician. He pissed me off right off the bat with FISA n stuff, not enough to make me defect, but still pissed me off and it didn't help him at all. And why does he keep refusing to appear with McCain at town halls and tv shows? Whatsamatta with him? Is he afraid or something? Geez. Somebody on that team needs to get fired.

Do folks here read Friedman? Excellent column on Wednesday, and spot on if you ask me:

aegil said...

"There is a real 1960s vibe about life these days."
Like I said before, I'm sorry: I thought we'd be further along by now, damn it. I agree with everything you said in this post, Big Man. (I read your blog out loud to my husband and younger son - when I got to the part about McCain being more despicable, my son agreed - he said he felt it was because McCain appeared to have some honor years ago, while Bush always looked like slime.)
I honestly don't know if I should point stuff like the following out to you or not - it's like: I know you're angry, but look at this ugly thing that will make you angrier. Still I want this stuff put out there:
(regarding McCain letter that has sabotaged absentee ballots in Ohio)

As for me, I put my money where my mouth is and agreed to help my local DNC with voter registration.

Big Man said...


I heard about the voter suppression stuff. I'm wondering what I can do about this. I hope my paper covers polling places on the day of the election and if it does, I may volunteer to work just to be there in case something happens.

Thanks for sharing my blog, I appreciate that.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The great thing about this elections is that the formerly covert, in the closet bigots have stepped out into the light of day.

Politicians and media folk who formerly pretended to be civil revealed themselves.

Folks who loved Hillary but decried they were not racist but just liked her as the better Democrat, only to run to John McCain proved to be both stupid and haters.

Black race traitors in the media and politics, who are generally opportunists that care only about getting paic, have been identified.

Anti-racist whites - the good guys, are also visible and we know they are our friends.

We have learned much. The hooded klans folk have been de-hooded and unrobed. We know who are enemies are.

For this I am thankful.

Nelvis said...

I hate to say it, but out of desparation John McCain is on a roll right now. Palin is pretty much playing the role of George W Bush in the 2000 elections. The same idiots that ate it up in 2000 are doing the same in 2008.

This election is nothing new. The double standard will never change in america. Black quarterbacks in the NFL are seen as not having the mental ability (Jason Campbell, Tavaris Jackson, Vince Young) while their white counterparts like Matt Leinart, David Carr, or Alex Smith are seen as not having a good team around them.

This election will either show not a damn thing has changed or that some progress has been made. I hope for the latter, but dumb enough to believe it

Lolo said...

51 days. 51 days of biting my fingers and keeping quiet when I read so much of the foolery in comments. By the time this thing is decided I'm going to have to have digit transplants, I swear.

Meantime, gives me some much needed reminder that it takes more than a vagina in deciding what is best for the future of our children.

I am not Star Jones said...

whenever people say they want obama to become angry and hit back... i wonder which angry black man they want to be on display:

mike tyson (without his prozac)
james baldwin
malcolm x
or maybe huey newton.

Obama can't flip because that would feed in ton karl john mcbush's plan to frighten certain Americans who feel all blacks are just waiting for an opportunity to pay them back for all the covert and subvert racism they've been practicing in their lifetimes.

and yes i'm glad mcbush and others have shown their asses. no matter what happens, he and his ilk have shown what we are up against and insight into what to do next.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, I don't want him to get angry. I don't want him to hit hard in some revenge-like fashion. For my part, I just think he's letting too many attacks go unanswered and not doing enough work to point out the outright lies of his opponent.

I'm a nice guy myself. I don't pick fights. Over the long run, being a decent guy has served me well and I've outlasted more than one asshole...but the presidential race doesn't allow you to take a long-term high road. A certain amount of duking it out is needed.

I think Obama can still stay on the high road and be more aggressive. But if he leaves too many things unanswered and unchallenged, I fear they will be assumed by many Americans to be truth.

Raving Black Lunatic