Friday, September 5, 2008

I Take It Back

Everything I said in the post below, I might have to take it back. Seriously, I got all on Obama for not punching back and I hadn't seen his interview with Bill O'Reilly because I refuse to watch Bill O'Reilly.

But, her is a transcript of Part One of that interview.

Obama is a master. See, apparently he's just been holding back. He handles Billo masterfully. Obama fights his attempts to cut him off. He won't give in to stupid comments. He's amazing.

Me, I would have had to cut his ass.


Anonymous said...

He's organizing; marshalling voters. His entire srategy has been grass roots based. The battle will not be won based upon the number of prior voters. Can't win that way. The GOP has mastered consumer politics. Segment your voters and create an appeal for each segment no matter how irrational or self-contradictory the segments. Those votes are lost. Voters outside of their targets are marginalized through cynical appeals "don't vote, all politicians are the same" or actively disenfranchised (Florida, Ohio, etc)

Obama has to maintain his rationality and break even in his public persona. The true test is how well he has organized on election day. How many voters get out and how many poll watchers to minimize theft. Until then it's kabuki.

Obama seems to be a good actor and poker player so I keeping my fingers crossed and putting a few chips in his pot. We win or it's Canada for me as what's left of America will have ceased to exist.

MCBias said...

See, your man's not sleeping, look at his glass factory comments:
Wait, I still have another sports analogy, so I'm back. :-p You can't put the whip to the horse until the stretch run. Similarly, Obama doesn't want to rile up his troops until he can see November from here.

the uppity negro said...


Woooow, you are coming out the woodwork with the sports analogies!! lol

But it makes sense. Obama by no stretch of the imagination has this election sewed up. (to follow in the vein of all things sports) If he blows his NO2 (or just NoS) tanks right now, it'll be like in The Fast and the Furious praying that he had another tank. This isn't the homestretch, there are still the dangerous curves of the debates homeboy gotta get through, and if he burns his NOS tanks through the curves clearly he'll spin out going 100mph and hit a brick wall and then Big Man'll be writing an Open Letter to the Obama Family during their time of bereavement as they watch the body of the first potential black president be carried away into that good night.

Smokie said...

I agree, Obama handled Bill well, but to get the real picture you really have to watch the interview as hard as it is. And it hard.

I imagine that, on paper, Obama comes across like he really put the breaks on Bill - and he did to an extent - but Bill's aggressively condesending style of interview mixed horribly with Obama's calm, stick to the facts style.

My only fault with Obama is that he says "uhm" so much. He gets to the point, but I want him to get there a little quicker -- and loosen up a bit. I guess he can't do that in this climate though.

Smokie said...

Wacky first paragraph:

I agree, Obama handled Bill well. But to get the real picture, you have to watch the interview -- as hard as it is to watch. And it is hard to watch.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

funny bshit jones

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