Thursday, May 22, 2008

Somebody Get a Muzzle

What does this heifer have to say for the Democratic elite to give her a big old STFU?

Y'all know who I'm referring to, She Who Shall Not Be Named if you're a fan of the young wizard from Hogwarts. Coming off her latest resounding victory at the hands of white folks who think the only good nigger is a dead nigger, she had the audacity to invoke the specter of the 2000 Florida election when arguing for the state's delegation to be seated as is.

Yes, The Nutcracker went there.

I know there has been a lot of talk recently about just how much sexism Hillary has faced in her run for the White House and I'm pretty sure some of the terms I've used for her in this piece so far could be called sexist. If some of y'all think that invalidates my entire point, I understand your feelings and wish you well. After all, if somebody said some blatantly racist shit I would tend to ignore them as well.

With that said, of all the ballsy things the New York Senator has done during her campaign her latest move just crossed into a brand new territory of arrogance and evilness. Everybody knows that Florida Democrats still bear the scars of that 2000 election when the Supreme Court pimpslapped the voters and got Bush his money. Many of them can't go to the polls without getting flashbacks of hanging chads and Katherine Harris' makeup.

So, for the former Arkansas First Lady to compare what's happening to her to what happened to Gore is just ridiculous. First, her dumbass actually agreed not to count Florida's votes when she thought she would have this whole exercise wrapped up on the first Super Tuesday. She made the pledge, but now that she's losing, she wants to backtrack like a young Michael Jackson.

In addition, it's more than a little bit shady to implicitly compare your Democratic competitor to George Bush, particularly after you've already called him a pompous, elitist pansy.

See, Barack Obama has shown some amazing restraint in this campaign when it comes to the machinations of Billy Boy's main squeeze. A cat like me would have gone off at the mouth a longtime ago and probably ruined any shot I had at being President. This shady heifer has been throwing rocks and hiding her hands this entire campaign, and now she's ratcheting things up when it's obvious that she has no shot whatsoever to pull this thing out.

The Democratic leadership needs to get off their asses and make some moves now because I'm becoming increasingly pissed at the long leash they are giving Hillary to hang herself and Obama. It's to the point now where not only is she openly appealing to racism, but she's also appealing to fears of voter disenfranchisement.

What the fuck does she have to do to get called out? Does she have to call Obama a nigger on live television? Give John McCain a sensual massage?

What does she have to do?


Anonymous said...

Those last two situations are probably in the neighborhood of what would be needed.

I've written on my blog, too, ever since NC's primary about the racist rhetoric of the Clintons. I agree that she knows how to play the sexist mistreatment against her in order to gain a fervent following.

Still, two wrongs don't make a right. How long before she will be able to put down her burden? I'll take June 3. Put me down for a dollar in the office pool, OK?

Anonymous said...

By the way, that is a GREAT photo of Muhammed Ali. It's good to be reminded that we could all have heroes once upon a time.

A.F. said...

I'm furious about Clinton's unconscionable maneuvering, too, Big Man, more than ever. I've been the victim of real sexism too many times myself to watch her and many of her supporters make a false claim that Obama has launched sexist attacks on her. He simply has not.

Obama has not appealed to misogyny in his campaign, overtly or covertly, yet Clinton (like I even have to say this) has appealed racism as a key campaign strategy and is quite proud of that.

That she has attempted to co-opt the concern over uncounted votes in the 2000 election is beyond belief, especially when she herself agreed to follow 2008 party rules. If she has truly been concerned about DNC rules, she's been in a perfect position for at least the past eight years to help change them and she certainly should not have agreed to count out these two states' numbers in the first place. Now it's somehow Barack Obama who has disenfranchised Florida?? Now she has the gall to compare this situation to the struggle for Civil Rights or suffrage?? She says that all this baloney is evidence that she will keep fighting for "us" somehow??? She's driving me crazy.

A.F. said...

So crazy I have to say more in reference to your post:

"What the fuck does she have to do to get called out? Does she have to call Obama a nigger on live television? Give John McCain a sensual massage?"

I'm afraid the spin right now is so insane that the general response/headlines in reference to #1 would be "Clinton and Obama continue a nasty fight" or at the very least "Clinton continues to argue to the superdelegates about Obama's problems with white voters" and the general response to #2 would be "Clinton proves her ability to unite Democrats and Republicans."

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Amen. She needs to stop. Really.

Anonymous said...

I would got into a lengthy diatribe about "She who shall not be named" but I'm so tired of her crappity crap crap that I only have one word for this whole debacle: Freakin' Ridiculous." (I know its actually two words, but really, they should just be combined together and put in the dictionary with "her" picture next to it.)

Unknown said...

Hang in there, Big Man, it's almost over - I promise. At this point I honestly think she's doing more damage to herself than she is to him. Each time she pulls this crap she looks like an hysteric and each time Obama ignores her and focuses on McCain (who's having pastor problems now, BTW) he looks like a leader.
Then there's the math. Check out my blog for a GREAT mathematical explanation. Nightline basically told her to STFU last night. I couldn't believe it as I was watching it!

Big Man said...

I wrote this piece before I heard about her comments on sexism. I'm glad because if I had heard those comments this piece would have been so, SO much more vicious. When I was watching the cable news last night with my wife my head almost exploded listening to Hillary supporters defend her decision to play the gender card. It's not that sexism hasn't been a problem, hell I've been guilty of it, but you cannot point out that sexism is a problem while denying that racism has been a massive issue that Obama has not cried about. More importantly, you have to admit that Clinton is the main reason racism is an issue!

This double standard is really starting to wear on me. I've tried to ignore it, to get past it, but it's getting out of control. And listening to all those "feminists" parrot Clinton's talking points and validate Geraldine Ferraro makes me want to punch somebody in the effing eye.

Anonymous said...

Giving a sensual massage to McCain would probably be covered in the press as a positive move toward bi-partisan cooperation.

Truthiz said...

"She Who Shall Not Be Named"


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Big man, you think that is bad have you seen this article?

She actually suggested upping the number of delegates needed to win the DNC nomination. I'm not even going to start on her trying to include MI, a state where obama took his name OFF the ballot. I have one word for the HillBilly SHADE!!! As my friend said I'm glad Obama did take his name of the ballot there.

Anyway I thought she told y'all that she wouldn't stop! I thought she told you that she won't stop...ah..ah...ah.ahhh She's pulling her shiny pant suit out of the closet as we speak!!


Big Man said...

I like the Puffy reference. Ferraro is playing the role of old crazy talking Mase.

Imhotep said...

This bitch gives middle aged white women a bad name. The DNC should slap her ass with a lawsuit. She violated a signed agreement not to campaign in those states that moved up their primary. She agree to this arrangement, but now will not take any responsibility for her actions.

What's that code word that white people like to use "personal responsibility" hillary needs to exercise some of that.

What about these black people around her (CBC)that's supporting her shenanigans. Are they willing to stand idly by while a Black man get robbed?

Someone needs to check her pantsuits, there are a set of balls in them muthafukas.

Big Man said...

The black folks standing beside her have no rational excuse besides "I want power."

There is no other way they can explain their decision to idly allow another black person to get this sort of treatment. It's good that they outed themselves though.

Imhotep said...

"There is no other way they can explain their decision to idly allow another black person to get this sort of treatment."

Makes you wonder what the CBC have done for their constituency over the years. They have more love for hillary than for 90% of their constituency.

Anonymous said...


You got it right. I've gone on a news boycott due to the unrelenting credence they give just about every new piece of shit that comes out of her mouth. I like how the AP feed and Reuters have just basically chosen to relegate her to "below the fold".

I do worry how Obama is going to offset all the people she's fooled with Norma Rae impersonation though. Sheesh, a Feminist who got there by failing her first choice bar exam, falling back on Plan Bubba and a populist who's worth 100 million via Bubba AND she can't run a campaign OR manage her money for shit. Yet, she's got all these first wave feminists fooled and all of Appalaichia to boot?

Damn it, I got myself annoyed again.

Anonymous said...

"Someone needs to check her pantsuits, there are a set of balls in them muthafukas."

Imhotep, that's the only thing about Hillary that truly is exceptional these days aside from her ego...more testosterone than McCain and Obama combined.

A.F. said...

Imhotep, I agree with you completely--she IS giving middle-aged white women a bad name. I'm a 40 year old white woman and appreciate this none too much. Her actions shouldn't speak for an entire group of people, yet SHE goes around insisting that white women are in agreement with her and that her racist, incendiary, manipulative, coercive and downright mean campaign has failed because of sexism?!? Over at, I found some good phrasing for what Ferraro et al are describing as sexism (the original credit goes to "hostile incoherent delusional victimology." I think that says it.

Anonymous said...

I took a break from politics, only to find this ...Hillary..spewing this bullshit. How she can stomp on the nuts of the DNC and get away with it is beyond me.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Well, Big Man, the CBC has made my job easy.

Easy as in "It will be easy to list which CBC members need a primary challenge like their boy Al Wynn got in 2010."

Donna Edwards beating him scared the crap out of the rest of them; so much to the point that they pissed off the SEIU, one of their largest donors, because they got tired of Wynn's BS and put a pot of money to get homegirl elected.

Already there's talk of Stephanie Tubbs-Jones and Sheila Jackson-Lee getting primary challengers next term, and whoever else is waving a handkerchief for Hillary is getting themselves placed on that list.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

trickery and decipt

Raving Black Lunatic