Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Really Quick

Man, I have another post coming, but I had to write something else. I was watching CNN's coverage of the election and Donna Brazile SONNED the entire panel a few minutes ago.

Seriously, she straight up handled several other commentators. It was hilarious and uplifting at the same time.

Things jumped off with this egg-headed dude lying and saying that Donna wanted to cut working class white folks out of the Democratic Party and form something new with black folks and rich white people. Of course Donna is too politically savvy to ever say something that stupid, but this loser said it anyway because it sounded good.

Anyway, Brazile roasted that clown. It was the first time I've ever seen Donna get pissed or even just get excited. First, she asked egghead if his headphones were working because he was acting like he couldn't hear; then she just destroyed his argument by pointing out that he was placing white working democrats on a pedestal that denigrated all other democrats.

It was magnificent.

But, even better, when a Republican commentator said that people will wonder if shady characters from Obama's past, namely Rev. Wright and that Ayers cat, will be power brokers in his administration, Brazile lost it! She basically told him he was acting like a petulant child and that he was the problem with politics today.

Finally, when the moderator chastised Brazile for acting like a Barack Obama supporter even though she was supposed to be undecided, Donna gave her the last helping of verbal ass whipping, and had CNN's producers running to a commercial break.

It was a masterful performance by a master political strategist. I now know who Donna is supporting, and I'm glad she came on out of that Clinton closet last night to let the world know.

It made my night.

(Update: Here is the great video of Brazile handling her business.)


Anonymous said...

It's Donna Brazile and James Clyburn that have been my lighhouses through this mess. They have held themselves with such grace, dignity, wit and tact while treading the line between the two candidates and bringing the discussion back on point. When either of them say something, to me it means it's truly go time.

I'm going to have to find that clip.

Plus? My reply now is "It's the math, assrat."

Truthiz said...

I absolutely AGREE with Lolo

_Brazile, Clyburn (and I have to add Olberman-that white man tries reallt da*mn hard to be fair), "that have been my lighhouses through this mess."

BTW: I stand Corrected on my comments on the previous post_this is NOT going to be a "split-decision" at all. Barack is right on Hillary's neck in Indiana and he choked her (if you will) in North Carolina!

But the Clintons won't go quietly into the night. A lot of people are going to have to THROW those two pitbulls from the stage!

And the sooner the better so that Obama can get on with trying to secure more support of white women and Non-educated working-class, blue-collar white workers.

Unknown said...

You're going to make me go out and find it for myself, aren't you?

Big Man said...

I'm going to look for the clip today.

Anonymous said...

Damn Big Man, thank you so much for this clip!!! I loved it!!!! Go Donna!!!

A.F. said...

I'm so glad you blogged on that clip! I saw it on the Huffington Post, not live, but Donna Brazile really did give it to Paul Begala, and he totally deserved that and more! "Eggheads and African Americans"??? I'm so glad she did some appropriate telling off. He had this little smirk when made that particular comment, too, like he was really proud of himself. And when he spoke again after DB set him straight, did you see him glance off to the side, like he was so shocked he was getting "attacked" by mean old Donna Brazile just for no conceivable reason, like "what got into HER?" Oh, he's infuriating. So glad she took him, though.

Anonymous said...

great post. It's sad fact that I am happy to see just a little bit of common sense when talking politics.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a clip but Brazile was on, last night! Later on she told Lanny Davis that she would be happy to take him on back to the Green Room so that she could explain things so that he could understand. This was after his typical foolery and off camera, you could hear most of the panel choking back snickers over his blathering the "new number", etc.

Raving Black Lunatic