Friday, May 23, 2008

Smiling in Your Face

"And all the time they want to take your place. Backstabbers, backstabbers....

Y'all know that cut, it's classic soul music. Every time I hear somebody discuss the possibility of Barack Obama inviting Hillary Clinton to be his vice-president, that's the song that pops into my head.


Come on now, does anybody in the their right mind really believe that Hillary Clinton would do her best to make sure Barack Obama won the general election and then had a successful tenure as president? Anybody who believes that needs to come down to New Orleans because I've got some top of the line levees to sell you.

Goodness gracious, this is getting ridiculous.

Besides the obvious disconnect inviting Lord Hildermort on to his ticket would cause considering Obama's message of change, the sheer stupidity of allowing someone who has questioned your intellect, character, qualifications and faith in God to share power with you doesn't mesh with the intelligence Obama has projected. If there's one thing Obama has not been, it's stupid. He's been a little naive, occasionally unprepared and incredibly humble, but nobody can look at the arc of his campaign and call him stupid.

Well, nobody but Geraldine Ferraro.

See, that's just it. Hillary Clinton has fully embraced the darkside during her campaign and if Obama agrees to align himself with her, it's only a matter of time before he joins Anakin Skywalker in that pit of lava. He cannot avoid the corruption that emanates from the pores of the Hillbillies, it is impossible to escape the reach of their vileness.

I would seriously have to reconsider voting for Obama if he linked up with Hillary. I like the brother, I love what he's talking about doing and I like how he carries himself. That said, if you're willing to join forces with racist scum (yeah, I said it) then you might not be the type of brother I want representing me in the White House.

It's sad that Obama has to even consider offering her this olive branch. If Hillary had conducted her campaign with even a scintilla of decorum, we would not be in a situation where scores of 50+-year old feminists are considering voting for a man that calls his wife a cunt, just to spite Obama. Read that sentence again; women are on record saying they would support John McCain even though he called his millionaire, former mistress wife a cunt in public?

And people want to pretend like Hillary is blameless?


Obama must forge his own path and he cannot do that carrying the burdens of Hillary and Bill. Not only are they despised by many on the right and left, but neither of them would shrink from wedging a steak knife between Obama's shoulder blades at the slightest chance that they would benefit. Shoot, would Obama even feel comfortable eating and drinking knowing that Hillary only needed his death certificate to punch her ticket to the White House?

I know I wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, even though there's no requirement that a prez and veep be on the same page (since, as we have learned over the years, Bill and Hillary really had no love for Al Gore), I think that making her the second-in-command would be a bad move. Might indeed turn out to be "necessary," but I hope not.

That said, he may have to offer some kind of olive branch just because that's the fucked up system we live under. I would advise picking a female running mate perhaps...someone other than Hillary, of course. That should be olive branch enough to her raging, confused, McCain-talking female supporters (and if not, forget 'em). If Hillary herself requires an olive branch, she should consider herself lucky to get a cabinet appointment, if that.

Truthiz said...

Perhaps Hillary has finally shot her mouth off one time too many, this afternoon, for even her most ardent Superdelegate supporters?


Apparently she made another highly contraversial comment paralleling her reason for staying in the race until June and Bobby Kennedy being assasinated in June of 68.

Her comment was strange at best and "Goulishly" reprehensible at worse!

IOW_she may have done enough damage to herself this time that Barack doesn't even have to pretend he's considering her for the VP spot...which will make a lot of people VERY happy!

Time will tell.

A.F. said...

Now I see that she has actually suggested that she's still in the race bc Bobby Kennedy got assassinated in June 1968(?!?!) If any of us started making the kind of associations that she is, we'd get Baker Acted. And for good reason.

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Field Negro has a great post on her Kennedy comment. She is not fit to hold Robert Kennedy's seat in the U.S. Senate.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes it all boils down to how loyal B-Rock is to the party and the greater goal of UNASSing the White House from the GOP.

And she KNOWS that.

The RFK comment was again something to scare white folks the same way W gave us Terror Threat levels right before the last election.

I'm in Boston and she is doing her typical shuffle RFK Jr did come to her defense saying she has said it before, however that don't make it any better.

I probably would vote for that ticket but ONLY because there was greater evil among us than shedevil.

Plus Billy is already gearing up for putting Chelsea up for politics, W style. Bill is tryign to tell y'all THERE WILL BE A CLINTON LEGACY!!! To me that seems like a better road. At least we know that offspring would do a far better job than W did. Oh well have a good holiday!!


Anonymous said...

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