Thursday, March 22, 2012

It Is All About Y'all

"Where are all the black leaders and marches when a black person kills another black person in the street?"

Human beings have a favorite response to information they dislike, distrust or that discomfits. It's called deflection. Visit any website where a mixed crowd of conservatives and liberals gathers, and you'll see tons of deflection in the largely anonymous comments posted at the end of stories.

Trayvon Martin's death has not changed that fact. While many black people believe the circumstances surrounding his death provide a perfect example of  how little value some people still attach to a black life, for other folks that's not even a consideration. As millions express outrage and disgust at the child's death and the police handling of the case, others quietly and loudly seethe at what they see as black America's myopic focus on race, and its impact on black lives. They just see us complaining again.

These complaints do not provoke introspection, but instead encourage avoidance. People want to avoid examining why they find it plausible that an unarmed black youth posed a life-threatening danger to an armed white man. They don't want to consider why the police have made the strange choices they've made.
Instead, many of them want to figure out exactly how this little black boy was responsible for his own death because that dovetails perfectly with their belief that this is true for most black men who die. More importantly, they are distraught that this single death has galvanized the black community and dominated the airwaves and Internet, and they grasp at straws to explain why this response is completely unjustified.

"If black people got this upset when these little thugs shot each other in the street, crime would disappear."  
There is persistent belief that black people like crime. We supposedly encourage and protect criminals and are always openly hostile to the kindly police just trying to do their jobs. We bring our misery upon ourselves, mainly because that's our natural state.

That belief is a part of most conversations about crime among white folks, particularly when they don't have to worry about being identified by black folks. Many of them loathe Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson only slightly more than they dislike the NAACP, so whenever Ministers INC descends upon an issue it is a clear sign that something shady is afoot. It's a clear sign that it's time to remove the benefit of the doubt.

 White people, and I use that term to refer to the group as a whole not to everyone within the group, believe that if black people really wanted things to change, they would. If we didn't want drug dealers spreading their poison, it would cease. They calmly ignore the fact that their children and peers are just as likely to be addicts as ours, more likely in fact according to several reports. They ignore this fact because those addictions do not create violence, which seems to be confined largely to the neighborhoods inhabited by black folks. Clearly, it's the black folks who are the problem, not the drugs and the poverty.

This persistent certainty that we encourage, foster and cherish violence is why so many people feel the irresistible urge to bring up black-on-black crime in a discussion about the violent shooting death of an unarmed child by a man violating police commands. It's why so many people cannot help but note that if black folks didn't do so many bad things they wouldn't get treated so poorly. It's why certain folks in certain places have tried their hardest to find reasons to impune Trayvon Martin's character.

This latest tragedy cannot be the fault of American racism and discrimination because black folks bring their problems upon themselves. White folks do not need to consider the larger ramifications of this death or what it says about American culture. They do not need to consider exactly how stereotypes and assumptions can be fatal. Black people are to blame. Period.

We always have been, and we always will be.



Anonymous said...

Add to the fact that any time a white person is called a racist the blood seems boil/a nerve is hit. Then the reaction/deflection starts. White guilt turns to white anger, “when are these Niggaz going to stop blaming me, and take responsibility for there own action?” I guess black folks really didn’t understand “STAND YOUR GROUND” means people of color have no ground to stand on. I’ve asked myself what should the Trevon Martin’s of Amerikkka do when confronted by a mad racist, who ain’t gonna take it no more? I know, pray to “white jesus”!

Shady_Grady said...

excellent post. Will share.

Paul Michael ( said...

Just read your blog, and I like what you are saying. I think that alot of white folks have a skewed view on violence, and what black folks think about violence. It pisses me off that some over-zealous, neighborhood watch guy would call the police over a black guy in a hoody, follow him when the police say not to, and then ends up in a fight with the kid and kills him.

It makes me angry.

Why was a black guy in a hoody a threat? I would be pissed off if some guy was following me, sweating me, and talking on the phone while following me, and then asking me questions like "who are you? where are you going? do you live here." I would think that guy was going to rob me, or something bad, and would be really apprehensive to answer questions, and would be expecting a fight.

I just cant see how this guy can justify killing a 17 year old kid in a hoodie, walking home from the corner store. I was that kid growing up, all the time. Glad no one ever followed me home, asking me my business, because I can assure you there would probably be a fight, depending on the guy's attitude.

Regarding anonymous' post. I'll does make my "white blood boil" when and if someone calls me a racist. I was hanging out with some of my buddies a while back, and one of my friends' friend, who I've known for a while now, called me a cracker and a spook. It pissed me off. BIG TIME. He didn't know me, and he didn't know anything about me. He said that because I said I didn't like a black artists' music. It hurt, and it wasn't cool. Racism does work both ways. It is painful both ways. It has got to stop, and I believe things are getting better in the United States and in the World. It is going to take effort to change, as the world has been inherently racist for most of the recorded history of mankind.

This is a loaded subject, and it is going to take time to heal past wounds, and eliminate resentment.


Anonymous said...

Both ways my ASS!! You sound like another whiny pissant trying to make your tiny boo-boo a fucking gun shot wound don;'t think so. And what you call 'racism'I call KARMA biting you in your stupid clueless ass!

Paul Michael ( said...


Racism doesn't hurt in both directions? Are you suggesting that racism is a positive thing? Also, why would you insinuate that my experience of racism in one tiny regard is not hurtful?

It would be great if you took some time to ask questions, instead of spouting out insults instead.

I have alot of reasons to "be mad at black people" if I wanted to. Instead, I understand that the actions of one person does not define a class, ethnicity, neighborhood or state.

For example, a black person murdered my best friend. Here's the link:

The 23rd red line down is my friend, Stacy. Anthony used to be her neighbor, until he was evicted for not paying his rent. Then, he hung out until Stacy, my friend, cam home, because he knew she was a nice girl. When she refused to give him money, can read about the rest.

I also grew up in LA, and was one of only two white families in a predominantly black neighborhood. Everyone got along just fine.

So please, don't call my racism experience a "KARMA" experience. Please don't insinuate that I am clueless. Next time, take a look at your self, and ask yourself "why am I so mad about someone posting a comment on a blog, that I have to call this person stupid.

Big Man said...

Bigotry and racism are two different things in my mind.
Bigotry is the individual slights that anyone can be guilty of. The name calling, the mistreatement, all of that.
Racism is a system of advantage based on race. Occasionally minorities can create such a system, but typically that's not that case.
I don't think black people deny that black bigotry exists, but we tend to bristle when that is compared to the system of advantage white folks have created and continue to enjoy in this world. it's a huge difference in our minds.

Anonymous said...

Got what here deserved. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

And there are a number of black people who could find many reasons to 'hate' all white people. But you seem to think because YOU were hurt the whole world owes you a hug and a lollipop. It was terrible and tragic what happened to your friend but you give one example while there are black people who could give a hundred examples. Especially those who come in contact all the time with police and authority figures. As for the 'karma' crack that is about maybe just maybe getting alittle taste of what others are forced to deal with in much bigger portions. Yet somehow YOUR pain should be the main topic of conversation.

Anonymous said...

There is persistent belief that black people like crime. We supposedly encourage and protect criminals and are always openly hostile to the kindly police just trying to do their jobs.

Blacks vote for politicians (Democrats) who write and sign laws and appoint prosecutors and judges that don't prosecute crime aggressively, hamstring law enforcement, and actively prohibit law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. You vote, as a block, 90+%, for Democrats who are routinely soft on crime, so you not only repeatedly and consistently ask for these policies by voting, but what absolutely astounds us is that you live with the horrifying consequences and continue to demand the same policies.

Anonymous said...

The racist dribble that Derbyshire oozes"....natural willingness of most human beings to be led...." ought to be clear to everyone that no depth of thought was given to his essay. He is describing the human and non human animal mob mentality rather than any racial characteristic traits. The reverse talks to white children have had at its core, RACISM, not reverse racism. We created racism for the purpose of exploitation, and we now continue to reap its consequences and, by denial, we justify the ongoing systematic, insidious, racist language and behavior toward people of color in order to continue exploitation. Dude, its just karma at work.
P.S: For a lesson in common sense, read post by

Anonymous said...

"....I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. And I did not know if he was armed or not...."
Zimmerman's plea is only adding fuel to the fire of rage we feel for an unaccountable killing of a child, then allowing bail, another unconscionable act of injustice by the system. Just gets uglier.

Raving Black Lunatic