Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Justice for Just Us

The "justice" system is a joke.

It should be called the "Rules are rules for niggers to suffer by" system. Well, I guess that's too long a name, but "justice" shouldn't be any part of the system's name.  Nothing about the way the courts work in this country is just. Nothing.

Take this story for example.

I haven't been reading the news that much so I missed it earlier. But, apparently an Ohio mother who used a relative's address to send her kids to a better school was convicted of two felonies, got jail time and probation, along with possibly losing her job prospects. For trying to find a better school for her kids because their neighborhood school is terrible..

The story notes that there was no violence in the crime, nor does the woman have a long criminal record. Yet prosecutors refused to reduce her charges, refused to except a plea to lesser charges and the judge felt compelled to hand down at least some jail time because otherwise it would have undermined the crimes the woman was convicted of committing.


That's what passes for justice in America. A hard working mother who makes a bad decision while trying to create a better opportunity for her children must spend time in jail, while millionaires and billionaires who defraud and hurt hundreds are allowed to skate. A woman seeking what all parents seek for their children, is punished and afforded no second chance, while these same people lament the fact that most black parents just don't care.

I can't even work up the proper amount of outrage for this story because it doesn't seem real. How could so many people conspire to punish such a decent woman for so petty a crime? How can anyone believe that this would happen to a woman who didn't share her skin color? How can these people sleep at night.

How does this happen?



Darth Whitey said...

Wow. Outrageous. My parents did the exact same thing for me because we lived in a more blue collar town and the school was a hotbed of drugs and fighting and stuff (all white kids) and I cried a lot to persuade my parents to send me to the rich neighborhood's school a few towns away. I reckon they figured the worst that could happen would be to get caught and get a fine or something, it'd never occur to us that it was a felony or anything. Geez. Sorry.

Blaque Ink said...

The so-called "justice* system is more into harsh punishments than wise prevention, and it's always been about punishing poor people of color for the belief they have no morals while protecting the rich believing more money will equal more "morality". SMH

LisaMJ said...

I read about this earlier today and it made me so mad. It just blew my mind. And the judge made a point of saying that since this was a felony sentence so she wouldn't be able to become a school teacher, which she was studying for-or had just finished studying for, and that was taken into account when passing sentence. UNBELIEVABLE. So callous.

I also knew a girl in school who was my bestie for a short spell who was white and whose Mom couldn't afford to live in our mostly white middle to upper middle class area anymore but kept her in our school under their old address. Another girl, who was white and who she dumped me to be friends with, told her Mom about it, and then that Mom dropped the dime on my friend. Nothing happened to her Mom, she just had to stop going to our school and within a year they moved back.

LisaMJ said...

Oh and here is petition to sign on the issue if you are interested. http://education.change.org/blog/view/why_is_kelley_williams-bolar_in_jail_for_sending_her_kids_to_a_better_school

Darth Whitey said...

I'm sick over this, just sick. I've sent LisaMJ's link to all my friends and signed the petition.

Anonymous said...

There has got to be a better way. I understand they have to have the law out there to deter people. But when the alleged crime is committed, common sense must prevail.
Astonishing. Felony convictions? How about a plea agreement?
Something's going to come of this. The alleged perpetrator really has the right in my opinion to cash in on this silliness. If that's not possible, at least stir the debate on the topic.

lifelearner said...

Petition signed. Thanks for the link! Completely ridiculous!! What a sad story, alive in well 2011 racism rearing its ugly head again.

Big Man said...

A friend of mine tells me that this is a very volatile issue in Ohio where they taking going to the wrong school very seriously.

However, what I noticed was that the mother used the father's address to register the children. Clearly, she used the address of someone paying taxes in the district, whether that person lives in the district or not. Seems like that should have been enough for prosecutors to leave her alone

Blaque Ink said...

I'm just gonna come right out and say it, the American educational, economic, and "justice" systems can go straight to hell.

LisaMJ said...

They actually reported on it on Good Morning America this morning, I never would have known but my Mom told me and when I went on their page to check, their webpage there it was. I was shocked, I usually don't see things I've seen on black blogs reported in the MSM.

Thrasher said...

Racial Trespassing is what this amounts to...You can become a criminal for engaging in acts which seek to liberate you from ignorance...Sounds like what happened to slaves who were caught reading...

Raving Black Lunatic