Monday, January 10, 2011

Cowardly Rock Throwers

The old cliche is that the biggest lie Satan ever told involved convincing mankind that he didn't exist.

Along those lines, the biggest lie that bigots tell is that their bigotry has no serious impact on the world.

We all know about the shooter in Tucson. While I've been pissed that he hasn't been called a terrorist by every media group reporting on the incident, I am also upset at the reaction to his actions by Tea Party members. Given the Tea Party's rhetoric about violence, blood and liberty, people automatically thought of them when a man shot a congresswoman at a campaign event.

It seems logical to think the shooting and rhetoric are connected. In fact, it's quite similar to the way many people, particularly white people, believe rap music is connected to violence in the black neighborhoods. Rappers don't pull many triggers, but they sure prime the minds of those people who do pull those triggers.

Yet Tea Party members are outraged that anyone would make the connection between their movement and this armed crazy. Could they have really believed that calls for armed revolution, and the watering of the tree of liberty would be taken figuratively and not literally? Did they think showing up at presidential rallies with assault rifles would be taken as purely a symbolic gesture? Could they really have been that naive?

Is Paris Hilton a virgin?

These people knew what they were doing and they just don't want to deal with the backlash for their decision. I've said for years that many racists are cowards who only have the courage to express their beliefs when there is no possibility of retribution. They want to spout hatred and evilness, yet avoid the cost for that choice.

I ain't having it.

These same people have tried to connect President Obama with radical fringe organizations of all kinds despite the most nebulous or non-existent connections and they have the nerve to get upset when they face the same scrutiny. Tough luck, you irresponsible bastards. As Malcolm X once said "the chickens have come home to roost."

Clean up the crap.



LisaMJ said...

I agree. It has just bowled me over the response from the wingnuts. The day of the event right-wingers on some of the comments sections of articles I read said it was "illegal" immigrants who did it, now some are saying this nut job was definitely liberal b/c he read the Communist Manifesto, then some of those iditoic pundits are saying "well both sides engage in this rhetoric" bs. It is so stunning, though I don't know why I am surprised. Oh and Sarah Palin's people with that "they weren't gunsights on that map, they were surveyor's marks. SERIOUSLY?! They think people are crazy.

Darth Whitey said...

NOBODY in the world, in contemporary times, has ever scared me to the extent that Sarah Palin scares me. To think she came one scandal away from being vice president, and then one heartbeat away from an old man of being president, is a truly frightening thought. And by her, I mean her and her devoted cult. Next to her I find W to be reasonable, intelligent, and thoughtful.

I hope this incident can sober our discourse and slay this witch once and for all. I doubt it though.

Deacon Blue said...

Yeah, LisaMJ, I have to agree. You need to go several decades back to find much in they way of liberalism-fueled terrorist-style violence. So there is no parity here, and attempt to create any amounts to the typical media "We want to appear balanced so that people will stop calling us liberal-controlled."

Anonymous said...

Very true as I said on averagebro when this was the Fort Hood shooting the VERY same folks now saying don't generalize and lay blame are the very folks who were happily blaming the ENTIRE Muslim religion and Obama and anyone who doesn't look like or agree with them. BULLSHIT! And to say he is a 'lone fringe nut' is a joke there are many right wing led hate groups festering since Obama took office. Don't drink the kool-aid people.

Raving Black Lunatic