Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Every Time I Think It Can't Get Worse

Yo, what up blog family? I know I don't post that much anymore, but I saw something that just got my angry lunatic juices flowing.

I'm watching CNN (I know, first mistake) when that dude Jack Cafferty says something like President Obama's tenure may be a short term love affair because he might not get re-elected. Then, to buttress this point, this cat points to a recent poll by somebody where 49 percent of the folks polled think Obama did a better job than Bush.

49 freaking percent!

Man, I don't think it's my job to be Obama's fart-catcher and cheerleader, but somebody has to say something about stuff like this poll. How the hell could any reasonable group of people consider Obama's two year tenure next to Bush's eight-year debacle and seriously come to the conclusion that Bush did a better job? WTH!

The Great Depression
The Patriot Act

That's just a half dozen of Bush's most high profile screw-ups, I'm not even getting into the stuff that happened behind the scenes that most people aren't aware of. That list only includes the stuff that we all know about and all despis,e and depsite those eff-ups people are saying that Obama has done something worse than that?

I feel like slapping TACs right now.

If this ain't the double standard to beat all double standards, then I'm not a black man with anger issues. Bush creates the problems for Obama to inherit and because Obama doesn't solve them in a quarter of the time Bush had in office, Obama is screwing up. Do white people and conservative minorities even see their hypocrisy or are they on their Stevie Wonder thing right now? Really, if these folks think making that kind of statement is a form of intelligent discourse then I weep for the current state and future state of this country.

We are royally and totally fucked.

Point blank period.



LisaMJ said...

I feel ya. People are crazy. SOme nut commented on my friend's fb comment the other day that Bush was the greatest President we've ever had. SERIOUSLY? I swear people in this country are INSANE. If I could move to Mars I would.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Fret not! What MSM is attempting to do is denigrate, demean, degrade, and make President Obama look weak, but he is not. Don't forget that MSM is a CORPORATION. Don't quit blogging and cheerleading for the President. He needs us now more than ever to have his back because they are out to destroy him and see him FAIL! When they said they wanted him to fail, they meant that!

ch555x said...

Good points and comments so far. My viewing of the MSM fell off due to the constant breaking non-news and hearsay from talking heads, so the "Cafferty File" has been way off my radar.

Yeah, they're all corporate and afraid to admit the obvious: straight-up wimps! I need not go any further than the recent Lauer interviews with W/Kanye...that's too easy! I'd even venture to say the midterms were corporate-backed to generate BS storylines and give balance on the coverage of folks who, in a sane world, would be nowhere near the discussion.

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