Thursday, June 24, 2010

Two Homies

I know this boy named, well let's just call him Jay.

Homie is a fool. For real. Black as sin, and just as popular. Everybody knows Jay, and can't help but hang out with him. Matter of fact, it seems like he's everywhere, the club, the bar, church, the pool hall, it doesn't matter. That boy gets around.

He hangs with this other cat we call EV. Sometimes we call him by his middle name, Nathan. Now EV is slick in his own right, he ain't just Jay's wingman. His favorite color is green, and at the risk of losing my hetero-card, I must admit that the boy wears it well. EV is the type of cat who everybody wants to have around and be like.

Truth be told, Jay and EV got a lot of pull where I live, and if you let them tell it, their swag is appreciated worldwide. I can only vouch for the fact that they seem to popular everywhere I've been. Women or men, it doesn't matter, everyone is drawn to Jay and EV like those cats got some sort of magic aura. Reminds me of Charlie Murphy talking about Rick James back in the day.

Of the two, EV is easier cat to be around. I mean, with Jay you gotta worry about him actually taking stuff that belongs to you, but with EV he's typically just a harmeless hater. Yeah, he might covet what you have, or what you've accomplished, but he's not going to actually trying come at you and take it. He just figures he can get his own.

Jay on the other hand would jack his momma. That boy is never satisfied, particularly when other people are happy. It's like he thinks there's a finite amount of happiness in the world, and the only way to insure he has an adequate supply is to make sure he's living like Deebo. I try to tell the boy that happiness is just like pain, there's more than enough to go around, but he ain't trying to hear me. He's hardheaded. Sometimes I want to take a brick upside his head like Craig.

In fact, I often wonder why I'm even cool with Jay and EV. It's not like they really bring anything positive to my life. Hell, I can't say I've seen them bring anything positive to anyone's life.

But, no matter how often I tell myself to ignore those cats, I find myself drawn to them like fat folks to ribs. (Mmmmm... ribs.) It doesn't matter that they cause me to make bad decisions, or lead me to hurt other folks, I still hang around them.

Personally, I'm confused by my inability to shake those two cats. It's not like I don't have other friends, I do. But, no matter how much fun I have with those friends, and we do have fun, I find myself back on the couch with Jay and EV.

I hope they aren't my homies for life.



KonWomyn said...

LOL. That was cool. They your people, despite the differences, at heart they are your people. We all got them types of people.

Big Man said...

Sista KW.

I can't tell if you're making an astute comment on the problems in my heart, or whether you might have mistaken my intent with this piece.

KonWomyn said...


Let me re-phrase, it's funny in parts because I can relate. The boys you describing sound like some friends I've had at some stage and even moreso my li'l brother. There are some people who contribute nothing to your life, yet somehow you gel, but you roll together. Why? Coz they your people. If you're like me or my li'l bro, maybe you're the kind of person who doesn't like to/can't let go or say no to people so you get drawn to all sorts and the ones who cling to you the most are the ones most different.

Big Man said...


That's what I thought you meant.

The thing is, the two fellows mentioned in this piece aren't real, they are my attempts at personifying jealously and envy. (A homie we call EV, middle name Nathan. That spells ENV.)

I was just trying to talk about the difficulty in shaking jealousy and envy in hour lives, even though most of us recognize them as pointless and small emotions.

Deacon Blue said...

Damn...I thought it was a good post when I read it, but either you were too deep for me or I'm more worn out than I thought this week...I totally missed the allegorical nature of this post.

I thought these were actual dudes you were talking about.

Now that you've noted what it was about, I think it's an even better post...I just wish I wouldn't have missed the point of it the first time.

KonWomyn said...

Okaaay, I thought they were real people! LOL, how silly am I? Reading it with that bit of info makes all the difference. You should change your name to PreacherMan.

Joanna said...

See, now I suspected that these were metaphorical "homies", but I wasn't able to quite make the connection. I kept reading the names over and over to try to glean a hint as to the exact references you were making!

Origin said...

Great write up brotha Bigman.

When I first read it the other day I knew you were talking about jealously and envy.

Tit for Tat said...

Damn, just like when people read the bible literally, they completely miss the meaning. ;)

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