Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Intertwined Forever

Hypocrisy and humanity sitting in a tree
First comes love
Then comes marriage
Then comes a baby
In the baby carriage

I'm convinced, every human being is born a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is as natural as screwing, and almost as satisfying.

Don't you think?

I didn't have to teach my oldest boy to snitch on his brother. Nope, he worked that out all on his own. I asked him if he loved his brother, and he said "Yes, sometimes." When I asked why he doesn't love his brother all the time, he said, "Because sometimes he does mean stuff."

Now, I was puzzled. My oldest son is pushing three-years old and his brother just turned 1. I couldn't figure out how a one-year old could do "mean stuff" to a 3-year old. So, I asked my little boy what his brother does.

"He pushes me down. And he takes toys from me. He's mean."

You really would have to spend time in my house to truly appreciate that comment. All of the actions my oldest son attributed to his brother were in fact actions he does himself. My wife and I are constantly having to chastise him for roughly shoving his little brother out of the way, or knocking him down just to see him cry. But, in my little boy's mind, he's the victim, not his brother.

In fact, when I asked him if he was ever mean to his brother, he said "Yes." But, he followed that up by reiterating that his brother was the real problem.

My little boy is a hypocrite.

Sadly, he's not alone. If hypocrisy were hemorrhoids, nobody in the world could eat spicy food.

Why is that? What makes hypocrisy so appealing?

I read a book recently that said that the majority of parents cited "honesty" as the most important trait they wanted to instill in their children. How can that be true when we have so many lying, rationalizing hypocrites running around the world? If honesty is important to parents, then why are they failing to teach their children that hypocrisy is the anti-thesis of honesty.

Maybe they just don't know. Maybe most people don't realize they are hypocrites. Maybe they view their hypocrisies as perfectly logical viewpoints. When they hold other people to standards they don't even try to live up to themselves, maybe that makes sense in their minds.

It has to be ignorance because I struggle to believe that people enjoy wallowing in hypocrisy. How can they enjoy that sick feeling of shame and disgust that accompanies uncovering personal hypocrisy?

Perhaps they can enjoy it because they don't experience those emotions. Instead of shame, maybe most people feel disbelief or even pride. What I see as hypocrisy, they see as perfectly acceptable and logical behavior. What I deem reprehensible, they deem praiseworthy.

Maybe hypocrisy has tunneled so deep into the soul and psyche of humanity that for most people they don't know where they begin and the hypocrite ends. They can't imagine life without the little hypocrisies that comfort them, and thus anybody who tries to force feed them honesty is an enemy.

Maybe I just don't know.



Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

You "see" more hypocrisy because you acknowledge more doubt about the Truth of the matter.

If one grows increasingly doubtful of Truth, i.e., becomes more liberal, then he will be desensitized to his hypocrisy which can be clearly seen by someone more certain of the Truth. Unfortunately for those certain of Truth, the notion of "hypocrisy" becomes a meaningless relic of an archiac past. In short, hypocrisy... What hypocrisy? There is no Truth and so there is no hypocrisy.

CNu said...

Big Man,

don't you honestly ever get enough of this tired-assed ^^^^piece^^^^^ of Black-folk stalking lunatic trash?!?!?!?!

Thordaddy said...

Don't you...

Do you not...

Don't you...

Do you not...

Craig... Quit tryin' manipulate
u too slow
bounce 'round here like Grape Ape
i found u 2
now they ain't no escape
u still wearin' tights
i wear duh cape
fly mo' high than u
u left screaming rape...
TD violate u
that's y u hate...
my white Supremacy
make u lactate
yur man boobies
n need of sum shape
it ain't too late
hot dog neck ain't yur fate
this white boy train ya
teach ya howduh relate...

CNu said...

real talk josh,

the only relational possibilities betwixt you and me are best described in terms of muzzle velocity and ballistic drift....,

Big Man said...


Nah, I don't get tired of Thor.

I like that he posts. See, he and I approach the world from two different perspectives.

I want people to see those two approaches, and then decided which one makes sense to them.

If somebody logically considers what I post and what Thor posts I'm quite certain they'll arrive at the correct destination.

Besides, Thor is trying to reconcile his own hypocrisy as it relates to his stated belief in Christ.

I am my brother's keeper.

Tit for Tat said...

If somebody logically considers what I post and what Thor posts I'm quite certain they'll arrive at the correct destination(Big Man)

Youre so right, I dont want to be arriving at either location. But it sure is fun to watch from a distance. ;)

As far as everyone being hypocrites, well, we were made in Gods image, right?

Big Man said...

Tit for Tat

Yep. That doesn't mean we're all like God.

But, you would know that if you thought about it a little harder.

Tit for Tat said...

Big Man

Of course we're all like god, we create our world by our thoughts and actions.

Kind of like Isaiah 45:7(KJV)

7I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I don't think your 3 year old is being a hypocrite. He had all the love and attention until the new arrival, who "stole" all that affection. Thus, he views himself as a victim.

I went through this with my son when I adopted baby #2. To this day he swears she was "mean" to him, and his azz is 21. It's laughable.

The thing is, kids have their own secret communication. By the age of 3, I could see her setting him up sometimes. This is normal because kids naturally compete for their parent's attention, in the best way they can think of. For him, it's wicked, hilarious humor. She can't touch that. For her, it's high academics. He can't touch that. I tell them both that the race isn't over, he may get a lucky break and end up well paid comedian or singer, and she may be end up being his attorney (hopefully not for a crime, lol).

Well, you're gonna have a lot of fun watching those two. There will be times when they collude to get around whatever rules you and the Missus have, or shutting you two out so they can play and have secrets "from the grown ups".

About adult hypocrisy: kids can smell it a mile away, and I think the younger they are, the clearer it is... maybe because they haven't learned the gray areas.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

The great thing about liberals that throw around charges of hypocrisy is that they actually refute their own fundamental beliefs. When one charges hypocrisy, he is acknowledging the truth of the matter. More often then not, the liberal who charges hypocrisy is saying, "You PREACH the truth, but you don't PRACTICE what you preach."

So lil man, what you are saying, in fact, is that I speak the truth, but fail to practice it perfectly. Therefore, I am a hypocrite. But you are acting quite illiberal. You are practicing (adherence to truth) what YOU DON'T PREACH (the notion of absolute truth).

Big Man said...

No Thor

I'm saying that you call yourself a Christian and behave like a devil.

You are a Pharisee, clothing yourself in dogma while failing to observe the law in your heart. Creating your own man-ordained laws to supplant God's.

I'm sorry I hadn't made that clear before, I hope that helps.

Have a productive and wonderful day.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

Being a "Christian" abortion advocate is devilish.

And not being sure about the goodness of one's existence is most certainly a devilish mentality.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

When are you going to come to the understanding that you're a liberal "Christian." Which is to say you are a liberal. And as a constituted individual, you are a black liberationist in particular.

Do you know what this means?

It means your operative paradigm is a dissolving of a most oppressive relationship. It is literally black and white. That is how clear the desire of your liberation appears.

Now, you -- just like CNothing -- have adopted various methods in which to conceal your deep desire for liberation AS A BLACK MAN in American.

Your sentiments and smokescreens are, in actuality, mainstream.

You afraid to dream the dream?

Articulate the Truth instead of devising schemes?

Liberal "Christianity" is a radical meme.

Black liberation IS WHAT LIL man mean?

When he claims hypocrisy by the white boy,
That devilish fiend...

Big Man said...


Where did I advocate abortion?

You gonna outlaw fornication?

How about adultery?




Since you can't seem to keep up, late me slow it down and rewind for you.

Which of God's laws do you think need to be codified in law, and why?

How are you deciding which sins should be illegal, and which sins should be between a man and God?

What's your bibical basis?

You forget how we met grasshopper?

I exposed the hypocrisy at the core of your pseudo-biblical call for the outlawing of abortion.

You don't care about what "thus says the Lord."

That ain't even on your mind, so fall back.

I think abortion is wrong. It's a sin.

Beyond that, things get murky.

How many sins are YOU gonna outlaw?

Wait, scratch that, how many of YOUR sins are you gonna outlaw?

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

You're not the "Christian" abortion advocate...

That would be Barack Obama I was referencing.

See lil man, you forgot how you earned your name.

You said a dood COULD BE A "Christian" abortion advocate.

All the other smokescreen about laws, outlawing, this sin and that sin are irrelevant and never had anything to do with anything.

I know of no Christian adultery advocates.

I know of no Christian lying advocates.

I know of no Christian hate advocates.

I do know of an abortion advocate who claims to be Christian.

You say he's legit, but that's only because he's black.

Anonymous said...

No one ADVOCATES abortion, and it's intellectually dishonest to say otherwise.

Thordaddy said...


Bull... Certain people don't just advocate abortion that say being able to DO IT is a "fundamental right." Some of these advocates even quite devilishly call themselves "Christian."

Get a clue.

Anonymous said...


You're confused. Please provide evidence of anyone in the last decade in a position to influence others who has shown strong public support for the act of aborting a fetus--one person who says, "Abortion is great!" Maybe some zero-population nutcase who thinks humans should be wiped off the face of the earth, but that's about it. You rely on exaggeration and spin to get your points across--an inherently weak basis for argument.

Thordaddy said...


Get out of your cave...

Abortion -- meaning the act of killing one's child in utero IS TOUTED as a "fundamental right" by its advocates. To suggest that a "fundamental right" that allows a mother's right to kill doesn't have powerful and influential advocates is to be completely disingenuous.

Thordaddy said...


So disingenuous is your take that it requires us to believe in the absurdity of a mother killing her child in utero as "fundamental right."

You believe the truth of abortion to be good and right. And this is self-evident. It is SELF-evident that a mother killing her child in utero is a "fundamental right." And exercising one's fundamental rights is, by definition, a good, true and right thing to do.

So if YOUR mother would have aborted you, THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD, TRUE and RIGHT.

Now you see why you don't deserve a seat at the table of civilization?

Thordaddy said...

Lil man, lil man
Playin' ostrich
Head stuck'n duh sand
I come thru hur like da Sandman
So magnanimous, 
I give u uh hand
U say sum nasty things
I take it lika man
Buttjew wanna b big again
Dontjew Stan???
"Christian abortionist"
That's radical automomy
CNu down wiff diss scam...
Uzza 'bout tuh b damned...
Self-annihilatin' fool
Oughta b banned
Callin' yurself uh Christian
Or callin' yurself uh man... 
U swingin' frumda nuts
Cuz doods gotta tan...

Thatz y u lil,
Lil man...

Big Man said...

Nah son, just noticed you dodged the HELL out of my main point.

The same way you dodged it back in the day.

'Cause you and I both know I'm right.

We both know I've never advocated for women to have abortions.

We know Obama has never done it.

We know there is a MASSIVE difference between saying "I support this action" and saying "I don't think this action should be illegal."

You are ignoring that difference as it relates to abortion, and dodging my point on lying, fornication, adultery and divorce, among other sins.


Well, I think Anonymous exposed the reason.

A weak argument needs misdirection and confusion to prosper.

The truth does not.

Good day now.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

What's the difference between abortion and lying?

What's the difference between abortion and fornicating?

What's the difference between abortion and hate?

The main difference is the first GUARANTEES DEATH while the latter guarantees nothing.

Ironically, even that difference doesn't render any of it illegal. So abortion is equal to lying, fornication and hate in the world according to lil man?

In reality, it's lying, fornication and hate that lead to abortion. And it's pure evil that claims it NOT JUST LEGAL, but a "fundamental right?"

People advocate for exercise of fundamental rights.

People advocate for mothers to abort.

Again, WHAT Christian has claimed a fundamental right to lie, fornicate and hate?

We have a president though who ASSERTS the fundamental right of a woman to abort AND still calls himself a "Christian."

Tap out, lil man.

Big Man said...

Thor said:

"So abortion is equal to lying, fornication and hate in the world according to lil man?"

What brand of Christianity are you practicing where you have established a hierarchy of sin?

Seriously, where is it coming from?

I mean, you tried to trot out a bogus argument about the Ten Commandments, I exposed the idiocy of that.

Now, you, the eternal opponent of liberalism and radical autonomy, are trying to argue that abortion is worse than these other sins so it deserves to be outlawed?

Are you serious?

That's from God? You believe that abortion is worse than fornication?

Prove it through the Bible. Run me through where God's word says that. I know you can't. You'll talk about "thou shalt not kill" while supporting the death penalty and unjust wars.

You have no argument. I don't need to tap out, the more you talk, the better I look.

Raving Black Lunatic