Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Omnipresent Obama

I read a story recently about some union workers in West Virginia calling for a work stoppage because they didn't like the fact that the National Rifle Association was filming an anti-Obama ad at their mine.

The funny thing was that when reporters approached NRA reps to ask them about the miners response, a spokesman said that unions love the NRA and the miners actions were clearly the result of "mischief" by the Obama campaign.

Is it just me, or does it seem like Obama gets around more than Tupac?

Have any of y'all noticed this trend? House Republicans refuse to vote for a bailout initially, and John McCain blames it on Obama/Biden Democrats. The entire world questions whether Sarah Palin is qualified to run a busy Dairy Queen, let alone the United States, and McCain supporters blame that on Obama as well. John McCain is asked by an Iowa newspaper whether he would ask Palin for advice on foreign policy and he promptly points out that he would never ask Obama because Obama is the reason why the country is going to hell in a handbasket.


Look, I know that it's standard political practice to blame your opponent for everything that goes wrong in the world, but this seems excessive. It's like the McCain campaign strategy is to just blame the Negro anytime things don't go his way. I'm pretty sure that's why McCain has been having a very public temper tantrum these past few weeks. Nobody likes to be thwarted by an Uppity Negro.

A friend of mine pointed out that this whole situation reminded her of Susan Smith blaming the mysterious black guy for driving her kids into a lake, and Lindsay Lohan blaming some random black kid for stealing car that she in fact boosted during a drug induced binge. Maybe this isn't a McCain thing, but just standard practice for certain white folks. Aren't conservatives blaming black people for the mortgage crisis right now?

What does it say about John McCain that despite his quarter century in the Senate, his admirable war record and his multi-millionaire wife that he can be so flummoxed by this skinny black man? Really, aren't black people supposed to be the intellectually inferior members of the human race? If we are, then how the hell is he getting outsmarted by a Negro and why are so many racist white people okay with that? If I was racist white dude, the one thing I could not support would be a white man who wasn't smart enough to outsmart a nigger. I'm just saying.

It's really been amusing to watch McCain take these impotent potshots at Obama at every turn, and then turn around and claim that he's the one who can really work across partisan lines. Hell, from what I've seen the only reason McCain has worked so often with Democrats in the past is because Republicans don't like him enough to listen to him. If House Republicans had thumbed their noses at him any harder they would have probably pierced their pea brains.

What's truly amazing is how many McCain supporters have swallowed this idiotic idea. In a country with a 12 percent black population, these people really believe that one thin Negro has the power to become a mocha-colored Geppeto and pull everybody's strings. They think he's the reason why Palin looks bad, or why McCain is getting caught in lies. If black folks had that kind of power, do these white people really think we would keep eating their shit?

The idea that Obama is the mastermind of some massive plot to thwart every effort by Republicans is really one of the most entertaining subplots of the campaign. The only thing more fun is taking bets on when Republicans are finally going to go "all-in" and just start calling Obama a nigger in public.

It's just really funny.



Deacon Blue said...

12% of the population...

...88% of the problem

That's GOP math for ya.

Machete X. said...

Obama is smart but that mastermind thing is funny. I think he'll do better than Tupac. It's like God is protecting him because he's always in public.

Toni_Forty21 said...

>If I was racist white dude, the one thing I could not support would be a white man who wasn't smart enough to outsmart a nigger. I'm just saying.<

HA! now that's hilarious and brilliant @ the same time.

hundefuhrer99 said...

"The only thing more fun is taking bets on when Republicans are finally going to go 'all-in' and just start calling Obama a nigger in public."

It won't be long now, bro . . .

Sauce said...

If I was racist white dude, the one thing I could not support would be a white man who wasn't smart enough to outsmart a nigger.

I can't believe you said that. Classic!

Anonymous said...

Remember Dan Akroyd in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy? "It was all because of this horrible, awful NEGRO!"

Hahaha! I'll bet that's how McThusela feels right about now.

Gye Greene said...

Dang! Toni_... and Sauce already complimented you on it.

**Very** funny! (Are you the new Chris Rock?)


Big Man said...

Thanks for the compliments y'all.

Air-Cooled Head said...

Man! TOO Funny!
But you're right.
I read many newspapers online, and often vist the comments section. In almost every one, no matter the issue, someone somehow ties it to Obama and the Dems. To the point that the story about a nurse making lethal cocktails in a nursing home, got tied back to Obama and the Dem's policies. Let some folks tell it, Obama is the root of all evil in the world today.
Unfortunately, Obama's election will lead to huge disappointment, on both sides.
One side, because he won't be able to turn the world around, immediately. The other side, because the world won't implode, immediately.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

somebody needs to make a coffee table book of his campaign

the uppity negro said...

Meh, you know how slow I am to call some stuff racist, but it seems about the only thing to call it in this campaign.

It's latent racism, but racism nonetheless.

White folks head WILL explode the day they are forced to deal with the fallacy behind their power struggle that racist thoughts have propagated over the years. I mean, what are the Joe Sixpacks and hockey moms across America supposed to do if they ever realise that they're candidate lost to an uppity Negro?

I mean, they can't vote for the uppity Negro, because...well...he's a Negro and inferior, but they can't endorse fully the white guy who was outsmarted by the uppity Negro. Why? Well...because...he's a Negro.

So what else is there to do?

Black folks need to invest in raincoats or something that's splatter-proof because white folks heads are gonna explode if Obama gets elected.

awb said...

Too funny. On one hand they say "No one knows who he is!" On the other hand he is responsible for the financial crisis, terrorism, the Kennedy assassination, your souffle falling, bad breath, "Ishtar"....

bierhoernchen said...

And they still think he's an Arab. . .

Raving Black Lunatic