Friday, September 5, 2008

Always the Punching Bag, Never the Puncher

After I wrote my last post, I realized I had more to say.

I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting tired of Team Obiden taking the high road when it comes to personal attacks. Look, I know Obama can't get away with talking too greasy about whitey, and I comprehend that Biden, as the Obama's Trusted Whitey, can't do too much either. Anything bad that Biden says will automatically reflect poorly on Obama, in a way that McCain and Palin never have to worry about. I get that.

But, this whole rope-a-dope routine is getting old.

Not only do conservatives not mind attacking, they don't let themselves get bogged down by insignificant details like the truth when they do their attacking. This Palin character was distorting so much in her acceptance speech that I'm shocked it wasn't a birth certificate! (Ooooh Big Man, Obama said to play nice... Man, Big Homie can kiss my hairy arse.)

She lied about taxes, she lied about Obama's record, she lied about the record. She was lying so much I think even Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were impressed. There is no doubt she will fit right in with the rest of the conservative crowd if Rip Van McCain gets elected. Not only is she a gifted liar, she has the enviable ability to work up realistic outrage while lying; that's a skill for real.

Palin, Mike "The Huckster" Huckabee and Mitt "It's not a cult!" Romney took turns slamming Obama with outright lies that sounded great to the small-minded idiots that would rather die than vote Democrat. Particularly if the Democrat is a Negro. I'm not complaining that the conservatives put on the gloves and took some shots, I'm pissed because Team Obiden is unwilling to do the same.

You don't have attack Palin on the rumors about her kids, but at least point out that her claims about being a reformer are bogus. Plus, she appears unwilling to wield power without punishing those who oppose her, a problem John McCain also has. Let's attack both McCain and Palin when they lie. Point out that lying makes you a liar, which makes you dishonest, which makes you suck as a human. Let's get on that train, I like where that train is headed.

Instead, we get sensible complaints about McCain's tax policy and other stupid crap. Yes, these things are true and make sense to attack, but they lack the bite of pointing out that John McCain once almost went to prison because he was helping rich people steal money from regular Americans.

I'll admit it, I probably want Obama to hit back because too often in this world people who look like Obama aren't in a position to strike back. We have to swallow stuff, accept things, bite our tongues. I guess a part of me envies the platform Obama has, and wishes he would use that platform to say the things to Americans that I've always wanted to say.

But, for the most part I just don't like people talking greasy. Really, I have a real problem with people getting flip with me or talking to me like I lack intelligence. So, in projecting myself on to Obama, I have a problem with people talking greasy about him and questioning his intelligence. Especially people who are as intellectually challenged as Johm McCain and Sarah Palin. I want him to hit back because I want him to let them know that they aren't winning, that they aren't right and he's not going to take their foolishness.

But he won't and he has good reasons. Yet, I still would like to see those punches.


Rob said...

{sigh} Big Man, I feel you, and I hurt for the O. Several weeks ago I said that he can't become angry, because that's exactly the stereotype they're waiting on. But since they can't get that one, they just go for "uppity." That's the one that appeals to southern rednecks, since we all know they can't stand an uppity Negro (I'll say it nice). Westmoreland from Atlanta (the ATL of all places; somebody ought to drag him to SWAT and...nevermind) just came right out with that, then had the audacity to send a staffer to look it up and make sure he was "using it correctly." I'll say it again-- America is a trip.

Truthiz said...

The truthi is, I'm at a crossraod regarding how Obama is handling this whole thing.

In the past I've been very critical of him not being aggressive enough in defending himself when being "punched" with "low-blows by the "Rethuglicans."

But, as has already been pointed out, he's had to walk a Mighty tight rope from day ONE of his decision to run.

Obama should be Aggressive in pointing out the stark differences between his vision for America's future (his policies and plans for implementing them) versus the utter BS being peddled by McSenile and his reich-wing pals, which only ensures further destruction of this country!

But, for now, I'm gonna defer to Obama's judgement on how best to deal with the "low-blows". In other words, I'm gonna wait a bit and see how his approach plays with the majority of white Americans.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I know I know but I believe if Obama wins this election taking the high road it will change politics or at least take us back to a pre-Rovian time where there was less slander and more talk surrounding the issues.

The Republicans have become masters of sensational politics. So why its easy to get drawn in, you really can never win at that game unless you started that game.

I'm in agreement with truthiz, and defer to Big Homie and TRUST he got this!

Oh yeah I am glad that Gustav was just a fire drill. I got fam in that area too...NERVE RACKING to say the least.


Anonymous said...

I feel ya, since I pretty much feel the same way. It actually hurts to watch Obama continue to take the high road especially when a good chunk of the voting population is gullable and may just fall for the McNasty-Palin lies. I am just trying to keep hope alive, but as I wrote in my last blog entry, I fear Sarah "Big Talker" Palin, might just help McNasty win this thing.

Big Man said...

I said it at the end of the piece. I know that part of my frustration is just me putting myself in Obama's shoes and really struggling with the unfairness of it all.

Sure, I know life is unfair, but dammit it hurts to sit by idly and watch these people do what they are doing. It just builds inside of me and sours me on so many things. Even if I don't watch or read political stuff I'm still upset because I know what's going on.

Obama has chosen his path and he seems uniquely suited to walking that path, but man it's hard as hell trying to walk with him.

MCBias said...

Eh, blogspot ate my first comment. Think of this as a boxing match. McCain's great on defense and survival, but tends to self-destruct when forced to push the offensive or left alone. He's not that charismatic--man's a survivor first and foremost. So Obama is going Ali-Foreman on him and taking punches for now, and it's working quite well.

I suspect that the Obama camp is "Bid-ing" (sorry, couldn't resist) its time for Palin until the VP debate. Too many people see any attack on a woman politician as "mean." I'd like to smack some sense into those people, but it is what it is.

MCBias said...

Basically, Big Man, the team ahead doesn't have to throw long bombs and go no-huddle to win. I think that's enough sports analogies for one day, ha. Just give your man some credit--I think his Clinton campaign strategy was absolutely brilliant in taking the high road and letting Clinton take her own self down.

the uppity negro said...

I'm with McBias on this one.

I think at this point in the game, Obama is waiting for the Republicans to have their glory and their bounce and whatever else, because if this is what they're presenting to the American public as facts, then reality will quickly come and bite them in the butt. HuffPo reports are that Obama got $10 million in a 24hr period following Palin's speech cuz it was that damn PAPER THIN as far as attacks and what not.

I'm giving O'Bama and Biden a break until this Ole Miss debate. Where if he falls on his face I'm just gonna say it was all for naught cuz we all know we need to send up some timber for Obama to get through debates.

Raving Black Lunatic