Monday, January 10, 2011


I don't feel like discussing the current definition of terrorism, which appears to be "violence or attempted violence by brown people." All violence committed by crazed and idealistic white folks is not up for consideration at this time.

I can't do it again.

Just imagine I made all the same points about double standards and media coverage and shake your head at how effed up the world is.

That's all I can offer you at this time.



Blaque Ink said...

My latest blog goes along with what you wrote:

O Patrão said...

Completely agree with those sentiments.

It's daunting even trying to contemplate the obvious double standard(s).

LisaMJ said...

Oh and now according to the right people on the left are using this for "political gain." After the way they have pimped 9/11 and the War on Terror for gain all these years. Makes me wanna HOLLER!!

Darth Whitey said...

I can't take it anymore, I just can't, I have to bury my head in the sand if I'm to stay sane. These people are sooooo unreasonable, so simply insane, it's maddening.

Deacon Blue said...

Weren't you aware that white folks only do heinous things like that if they're mentally ill?

Persons of color, on the other hand, are immune to mental illness and are simply evil.

I'm pretty sure it's in the official handbook, if I can find the Grimoire of Whiteness under my pile of papers. Wife hasn't let me pull it out much over the past 13 years...

Anonymous said...

Good one

Raving Black Lunatic