Monday, January 3, 2011

Eff You and Your Little Dog Too

I'm late to the party, but let a lunatic vent a little bit.

I'm sure most of y'all heard what Tucker Carlson said about Mike Vick, right? Basically, he said that Vick deserved to die for the dogfighting ring he served time for bankrolling. Apparently, two years in the federal pen wasn't enough for Carlson, only death will do.

Fuck him.

Yeah, I don't curse in real life anymore, but the digital me says fuck Tucker Carlson and every thing he stands for. Fuck him if he just said it for ratings, fuck him if he really meant it. Fuck him for his life view, fuck him for mentioning Christianity. Fuck him with the 10-inch dick he spends his nights dreaming about.


Sorry about that, but it was bubbling in the pit of my gut and I had to let it spew. Every time I think of Carlson advocating for Vick's death, I want to go on a profanity filled rampage that ends with a reenactment of the curb scene from "American History X" with me as the skinhead and Carlson as the random black victim. Violence begets violence and when you openly say you would have preferred to see a man killed for the pain and death he caused dogs, then I think of violence. Lots and lots of violence.

Michelle Clark-Perry tried to hip folks to the mixed feelings black folks have about dogs in a truncated televison appearance and extended essay, but I think it was a waste of words. The majority of white folks (sorry white folks) don't really want to hear any explanation that involves the words slavery, racism or discrimination. When black folks use any of those three words, all white folks hear is the voice of the teacher from Charlie Brown.

Carlson's comments drew fire, predictably, but in my opinion there wasn't nearly enough outrage. He called for a man's death because he hurt and killed animals. Motherfucker, have you heard of hunting and poultry farms? It doesn't matter if the animals are killed for food and sport, they are still killed. And if you want to see true cruelty against dogs, how about you visit your local dog racing track.

Carlson's comments were distasteful, disrespectful and degrading. He equated Vick's life with the life of a dog, and we all know that wasn't a coincidence. Apparently, the going rate for a black man's life is a few pit bulls, and honestly that shouldn't be much of a surprise.

The more things change, the more they stay the same



Joanna said...

I posted the article you referenced on my blog the other day. I posted it on reddit, and all I got were comments from people about it being a convoluted argument, that there was no reason to make this into a racial issue. I finally gave up trying to argue the point.

LisaMJ said...

I agree with you, Big Man. That is exactly what I thought when I heard what that bow-tie wearing geek said. Unbelievable. Well, it is believable he said it but every time I hear this stuff it makes me shocked, mad and a little sad all at once.

Darth Whitey said...

Fucken' A. Fuck him and that little bow-tie he wears.

They made a really excellent point on the PBS Newshour the other night about President Obama applauding the Eagles giving Vick a second chance: that given that we have half a million prisoners in the United States it's important to show that once you've served your time, you can do what you do and thrive and are not condemned to be discriminated against. Of course it doesn't work that way if you're not a gifted athlete, ex-cons are all but guaranteed to return to the pen once they're out not only due to the discrimination but also because of the experience in prison turning them sub-human.

Sorry, went on a bit of a tangent there, but prison reform is one of the top priorities I'd take on if I were appointed the benevolent dictator I should be ;-) We shouldn't tolerate rape or any other kind of torture or what have you for prisoners. As a society we say Fuck Them, they deserve it. Hell naw. Plus the ones you want to have that happen to them are the ones doing it to the weaker inmates anyway, there's not an endless supply of faceless rapists in there.

Last one, because it's not usually part of my speech: Fuck Carlson. And fuck dog fighting. And I have to disagree too that forcing animals to fight and slaughtering them for meat are morally equivalent but I'll let that one go as I agree with the general sentiment you were getting at.

Fuckety Fuck Fuck :-)

Big Man said...

I agree with you on the larger issue of prison reform. If Carlson wanted Vick executed for killing dogs, it makes one wonder what he feels should be the punishment for some of the other crimes that simply result in imprisonment.

Plus, as you said, if we as a society decide that a prison sentence does not satisfy your debt to society, then what we're telling those who have been convicted is that they should abandon all hope of returning to mainstream society and instead wallow in criminality.

Deacon Blue said...

Wow...missed this little news tidbit.

So I wonder what Tucker Carlson thinks would be an appropriate punishment for Wesley Snipes for his tax evasion...

Life without possibility of parole?

I love dogs, but not enough to end a man's life over one (even if it was my own dog he killed). I don't even think Ingrid Newkirk, the head of PETA, could manage such an unbalanced call for "justice" and she's a nutbag who tends to put animals in a higher bracket than people.

Will Capers said...

Carlson tried to backtrack his statements, but ended up looking more like an insane idiot. Google him the news, read what he said, and you will end up shaking your head.

Anonymous said...

I say FUCK HIM FUCK HIS SORRY ASS RAW! Please not too long ago someone on this very blog mentioned thug Phillies pitcher Breet Myers beating the shit out of his wife in PUBLIC no less. Where's the outrage and outcry for THAT shit?!! Marv Albert got his job back at NBC after being accused of biting a woman and raping her I sure as shit don't remember Carlson or ANY of the media holier thans being pissed off about him either. Ben Rothelisberger was TWICE accsued of being a rapist yet there is very little if any vilification of him. Make no mistake people the assholes in the bullshit media don't give a RAT'S ASS about dogs they do however believe in demonizing black males for every little thing. Especially the rich ones ho stpe to far out of their 'place'.

O Patrão said...

The man's fighting for relevance and we're giving it to him.

Treat him like we should treat that bespectacled helicopter moose hunter from up north and they'd fade into the obscurity they deserve.

- O Patrão Mestre

Raving Black Lunatic