Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Keeping it 100

Today is a happy day for me.

I noticed today that I officially reached the 100 "followers" plateau.

When I started this blog it was in response to my friends complaining that I was always writing these long emails about what people needed to be saying about race and life, and they were tired of reading them. My friends were tired of my rants on the phone, which I'm sure was due to my fairly irritating voice. They told me to get my own platform and share it with the world.

I started in Jan. 2008, using President Obama's campaign as daily fodder. That first year was amazing, man, I look back over those posts and I see some good writing and funny material. I had a lot of anger and pent up opinions I needed to get out there.

Over the years, I've calmed down quite a bit. There isn't very much raving on this site anymore and that's a reflection of the changes I'm making in my personal life. It's why I don't curse on the blog, and I try to be less mean-spirited when discussing some of the foibles of my white brethren. I'm trying to grow as a man and a Christian.

That said, I still cut loose every once in a while and I appreciate it deeply that 100 people think I'm interesting enough that they want to be notified when I have something new to say. It's allowing me to live out one of my few professional dreams.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who follow the blog formally and informally. I'm going to continue to try to stay relevant and entertaining and I hope we all continue to learn from each other.

Stay crazy.



macon d said...

Congrats! And my thanks in return to you for consistently provocative writings that get me thinking after I read them.

(Btw, you have at least 101 -- like all of the blogs I follow, I follow yours anonymously).

Joanna said...

Congrats.... I can only dream of the day I have 100 followers.... sigh....

LisaMJ said...

Glad to be one of the favored few. Sorry I haven't been as chatty lately, but I've been pulling back on commenting in general on most of my favorite blogs b/c though here is usually pretty good, people get so crazy on the interwebs and get so vitriolic sometimes that I'm feeling the need to be quieter.

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