Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, Hell Naw

Real quick y'all.

I'm watching the coverage of this plane crash in Austin. The one where a dude flew a plane into the IRS building after burning his house.

And everybody is falling all over themeselves not to call this cat a "terrorist."

It's "possible terrorist-related activity" but it's not terrorism and he's not a terrorist. What the hell?

How can you fly a plane into a building out of spite, and have folks call it "suicide by plane?" That's like calling it "suicide by portable chest bomb."

Why are media folks wondering if the FBI needs to be involved since it's a local crime? Really son? Trying to kill federal employees on federal property is just a "local problem" now?

I bet if he had a Muslim surname it would be terrorism. Yep, wouldn't be no question about that. Just like the first thing you heard after the Fort Hood shooting was about how dude should be called a terrorist because he was hollering about Allah while he let off shots.

But this white dude is heated at the federal government and attacks that same government by targeting innocents and he's not a terrorist? He leaves notes expressing his decision to do war with the feds, and it ain't terrorism? But, a black African teenager tries to blow up a airplane on Christmas and that's terrorism.

Oh, hell naw. Just no. Stop it you hypocritical bastards. Just stop.



Sabina E. said...


LisaMJ said...

You know it only counts when it is someone who is brown, especially if they don't have an "Amurican" name. I am very disappointed in NPR, they just called it a suicide attack too. He was anti-government and attacked a federal building, sounds like terrorism to me.

Big Man said...

It sounds like terrorism to everybody who doesn't have their head shoved up their butts.

This is freaking blatant. Just horrible.

Deacon Blue said...

No sardonic humor nor sarcasm nor wit on this one. Just a big co-sign on it.

Imhotep said...

C'mon Big Man, you know white people don't do terrorism! Only non-whites are capable of terrorism. Get with the program, otherewise we'll have to lable you a domestic terrorist.

Mr. Noface said...

The fact that people are as quick to not call this a "terrorist attack" as they were to claim that the Fort Hood incident was a "terrorist attack", has me blown. But, why am I surprised? I mean really, what did I expect?!

Tiffany said...

People are so crazy in times like these. They jump the gun and before they know it, it's too late to take it back. People are flipping out over things that make us pissed but we use to go get drunk or go somewhere and moan and groan, "woe is me". Now people are taking other folks lives and that's where it as gone too far. If he would have crashed the plane into the ground killing himself, then he is making a choice for himself. It's fair to fliout on someone who has nothing to do with your situation.


Thordaddy said...

Lil' man,

Why do you think that there are rules to things like this? For everything you say about Hasan, I could show you where the media has tried to whitewash his Muslim fundamentalism. Heck, think Barack Obama or John Muhammad for a sympathetic take on "browns."

The difference between this disgruntled white guy and underwear bomber is that the former might actually increase your freedom while the latter has already decreased it AND HE DIDN'T EVEN SUCCEED in his martyrdom.

miss t-lee said...

I live in Austin. Work down the street from where this nutjob crashed his plane and burnt down his own residence.
You're absolutely correct. They aren't trying to call this man what he is. A freaking terrorist. Even our police chief was trying to downplay it. The FBI just doesn't show up for isolated incidents. You should see our local media trying to tip-toe around it...ugh.

Pangolin said...

If he had expressed any concern about the environment, pollution or animals he would have been labeled a terrorist despite his white skin. The terrorism label applies to enemies of the corporate agenda only. Anti-government, anti-tax sentiments are in line with the corporate agenda.

Pangolin said...

FWIW the FBI didn't have to show up for this incident. The guy flew the plane into the building they work out of.

Let's just hope this logic misses the next nutbag who gets a traffic ticket.

EyesOpenInDC said...

It is worse than pointless to waste our time debating whether one individual is or is not a terrorist, because we can't agree - and in fact, haven't even conducted a debate - on the definition of "terrorist".

In the US, what's specified in the dictionary is no longer valid, because it would - fairly - include plenty of actions taken by our own government (and some individual citizens).

Nope, the word has been co-opted by powerful entities for their own purposes. Every time we stoop to using this emotionally charged - and now ridiculously flexible - term, we surrender a little more control over our own thinking and our own lives

As Pangolin's comment illustrates, this is only being discussed because the underlying question, the real question, is when to deprive someone of the basic rights guaranteed him by historic common law and by our Constitution (and that of many other countries).

I say never. We shouldn't even be considering this option. Like it or not, everyone deserves a chance to prove his innocence and no one deserves to be tortured.

It's easy to be indignant when people of color get treated more unfairly than whites ... and counterproductive. Instead of walking into this trap over and over, can't we work toward seeing that no one is treated unfairly?

LisaMJ said...

@EyesOpeninDC You make many excellent points. I had not exactly thought of it that way and I appreciate the added dimension of perspective. Thank you.

Big Man said...

Eyes Open said:

"It's easy to be indignant when people of color get treated more unfairly than whites ... and counterproductive. Instead of walking into this trap over and over, can't we work toward seeing that no one is treated unfairly?"

I'm not sure how my point about the way the media and the general public use the terrorist became intertwined with your point about torture and general bad actions by our government.

Personally, I don't think it's counterproductive or a trap to to point out when blacks are treated more unfairly than other groups. Why would it be? If inequities exist, they should be addressed. My attention to the plight of black folks does not mean their is not enough spotlight for other issues. If other folks want to concentrate on improving general conditions, while I concentrate on shedding light on what's happening to my people, where is the problem?

I'd like to hear your explanation for why I can't do my thing while others do theirs?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you. It is perhaps the most widespread blatant racism I've seen in a while. What bothers me more is that it is every network, not just Fox. Et tu, CNN?

Raving Black Lunatic