Tuesday, October 7, 2008

No Zip On The Heater

Caribou Dummy is riding hard!

Things are dire for Old Man McCain, so he's unleashed the hounds; the snow hound that is. He's got Little Miss Mooseburger coming hard at Big Homie's neck with attacks about whether or not he "sees America the way you and I do." Check it out here.

First of all Governor Barbie, you are damn right that Obama sees the world differently from you and the right wing nincompoops who support you. If he didn't, I wouldn't be voting for his black ass. If Obama grew up black in America and thought like you, I would consider him certifiably insane and he would be a prime candidate for King House Negro.


However, I must admit it's hard for me to gin up any real fear or anger at the line of attack Palin and McCain are taking right now. In fact, I'm a little disappointed. We've already heard about William Ayers and Tony Rezko; Hillary Clinton saw to that. It's kind of sad that the Republicans had all this time to come up with good smears for Obama and the best they could generate was a rehash of Hillary's strategy.

They do realize she lost, right?

The Repubs should have run with those early lies that were circulating that Obama was part of the underground gay scene in D.C. But, I guess it's hard to paint Obama as both an effeminate, closet homosexual, and the angry black man out to ravish old white women. Pity.

Maybe conservatives should take aim at Michelle Obama again. Only, if they start talking about spouses, then we might hear about how Cindy McCain has never met an Oxycontin or Percocet she didn't like, and how the "First Dude" dislikes America so much he joined a political party dedicated to seceding. Nope, that won't work.

Hell, why don't Republicans just make up some good stuff, or take a more hard-nosed racial tact. I thought that whole idea of painting Obama as an "uppity nigger" had some legs. Or maybe that should go back to the Affirmative Action baby argument. I guess the real problem with all those smears is that we've heard them all campaign long, and while they caused Obama some heartache, they haven't really worked too well. Plus, now that John McCain has been labeled a liar by the media, they aren't cutting him any slack on his bullshit anymore.

I guess we're witnessing the end of an era. The Republicans are campaigning against a black presidential candidate, the kind of situation that would have been perfect for their attack machine five years ago, and they are struggling. They are like a baseball pitcher who used to throw 95 miles per hour heaters, but now can barely get over 80. Obama is the young slugger hitting bombs off them every time he steps to the plate.

Let's play ball bitches.



OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Man, this new line of attack is a little pathetic. How are you going to talk about Obama and who he is associated with, you are married to an anarchist? LORD woman. I am not too worried about the Obama Republican Remix because Palin hasn’t been able to convince her husband to become Republican or her daughter to close her legs.


Anonymous said...

Well, she's living up to her self-representation as a pit bull with lipstick.

Except that she's a rabid pit bull...

Anonymous said...

Let the record show that my stress level and BP went up when I first heard Palin say "sees America the way you and I do." I wanted to go thru my TV screen and choke the crap out of her until I cut off her air supply and she passes away--and I DON'T mean that as a euphemism.

But, yeah...

She's a mess and it's yet another way to do the "us vs. them" dichotomy that pisses me off to no end. And more and more I'm getting pissed watching these two speak, not just because of the drivel spewing from their mouths, but the fact that I see NO ONE standing behind them, nor in the crowd that looks like me.

Hell, Jerry Springer has a more diverse audience than those two muh'fuckers.

Anonymous said...

BTW, Big Man...these things seem to be popping up like weeds, but just so you know...

I've named you on my Certified Honest Blogger post today. Don't...I repeat, do NOT...feel obliged to go through with the process yourself. Just wanted you to know I've given you some respect after getting some myself.

Frankly, if I get another one of these things I think I'll just have to pass on carrying it one. They almost seem to be becoming "viral."

Big Man said...

Thanks Deac. I got a couple from some other people. I appreciate the sentiment every time, but you know how I feel about chain letters and forwards.

Kit said...

Someone wrote Palin makes pitbulls look tame in comparison. Agree with that; not many days before Election but she remains a very dangerous enemy to the Obama campaign and democracy. I don't underestimate her or her handlers for a second.

Raving Black Lunatic