Thursday, October 2, 2008

Come On Now, Let's Get Real

I tried to ignore it, but it seems like I have to comment.

Are they serious about this Gwen Ifill thing? So the sister wrote a book about the state of black politics that has Obama's name in the title. And now that means she's unqualified to moderate a debate? Really?

And are McCain's people really pretending they had no idea about this book before they agreed to allow Ifill to be the moderator? So it's same to assume that the debate moderators got the same vetting as Sarah Palin?

Wait, if Ifill is biased, how was Sean Hannity qualified to interview Sarah Palin? I mean how could he be trusted to conduct an unbiased informative interview when Hannity has the GOP's dicks so far down his throat he probably shits peanuts.

Seriously, this is some utter foolishness.

I can't believe how willingly the media has cannibalized one of its own. The amount of coverage devoted to this issue has far exceeded the amount of coverage dedicated to the fact that Sarah Palin's husband was a member of a political party that advocated for Alaska's secession from the United States.

You know what? I lied. I'm not surprised at all how much coverage this issue has generated. See, if somebody like Tim Russert had this sort of conflict, it would have been dealt with in one day as every announcer expressed their supreme confidence in Russert and refused to discuss the issue again. Russert would have been given the benefit of the doubt based on his long record.

But, Gwen is black and Obama is black.

Like many things in life, this is a race thing. Not because every media person is racist, but because many of them still have doubts about whether black journalists can cover a black presidential candidate. The National Association of Black Journalists actually had to issue a press release a while back telling the mainstream media that they would be objective in their coverage. Strangely, all the white journalists who have covered white candidates in a country that's shown a predilection towards favoring white people have never had to issue similar press releases.

Funny how that works.

Anyway, Gwen is too classy to ever talk about the real reason why this issue has such legs. She would probably just say it's the typical political posturing that comes with any campaign. But, I wonder if deep inside she resents this affront to her professionalism. I wonder if she resents having to prove herself once again after all these years. Having to prove she can "fit in."

I know I would.



Darth Whitey said...

I love Ifill, and the entire Newshour staff, it's the only news I watch... however, this is some ridiculously juicy ammunition for the right to use as cover for any gaffes Palin makes. She should have recused herself, even if the book is non-partisan. I don't want the right having any talking points like this!!

the uppity negro said...

First, I REALLY don't think this was a race issue.

This is nothing more than Republican strategy to make it softer for Palin. If they could crucify Ifill, then if Palin just COMPLETELY tanks, they can always use Ifill as a scapegoat. The fact that ideologies and philosophies are made down race lines is the only influence of race in here.

My argument in favor of Ifill going forward tonight is that had she written a book about women in politics would we have heard the same outcry? Moreover, I would have bought this argument if they brought it up once the debate schedule was released, but to make an issue out of it two days before the debate is just plain ol' tacky!

I categorically don't buy the argument that THIS instance is an exhibit of this countries race problem. Now, I'm with you on NABJ having to do a press release and no one else--but by the same token, there is no National Association of White Journalists. But I understand, these black-only organisations were created out of crisis moments in our country, and we still have to fuckin (oh yeah, I can cuss on this one) be apologists for our own ideologies.

Where I'm coming from, just do like Tim Russert--state where we stand and keep on moving. So far, I think Ifill is handling this quite well.

Rob said...

Yes, she is, and the sista has certainly earned her right to be in her position tonight. However, I know Obama doesn't like to work this way, but he had a chance here to really screw McPalin over. He could have come out late yesterday and said "You know what, I can see your concerns with Ifill, so I've asked her to recuse herself. Instead, (some respected journalist who would potentially crucify Palin on her non-answers) is our choice as moderator." McCain would either have to accept that possible/probable train wreck, or back down, effectively eliminating any avenue to attack Ifill's neutrality, no matter what happens. If he tried to complain about the new choice of moderator, their fear would be unmasked for all America to see.

Big Man said...


The race issues isn't with Republicans. Although they are playing on latent racism, they might make the same complaints if Ifill was a white man or woman. The race issue comes into play with how the issue is reported and handled by the media. If this Tim Russert the issue would have have been laughed off instead of discussed for serveral days. That's the difference. And I think that difference is due to race.

lesley q said...

Ifil must have refused to give them the questions before hand!!!!!!

I agree, Big Man. I'm sure you know that Tom Brokaw, who has described himself as a liason b/t NBC and McCain, will be hosting an upcoming debate. Who will protest this? Brokaw made himself look like an incredulous asshole on MTP last weekend by citing a ONE MONTH old poll-that showed McCain leading Obama by some 8 points or whatever-at the end of the show leaving no time for rebuttal. These flipping polls are run everyday. His stunt was deceitful and showed a total lack of journalistic integrity. McCain has consistantly been waaay behind ever since this Wall Street debacle and he knows it. Thus, I can't believe McCain would have the audacity to invoke Ifil's name while having this whopping skeleton in his closet!!!!!!!!!

GOP, the hypocrisy knows no bounds.

nonie3234 said...

What about Tom Brokaw's bias? Will they challenge him, too?

David Plouffe Rolls on Tom Brokaw After McCain's Gwen Ifill Complaint

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