Friday, June 6, 2008

"Let Me Holla At You For a Second"

The Devil is knocking, will he open the door?

It might seem harsh to label Hillary Clinton as the devil, but as I told a commenter on another site, I can only judge a tree by the fruit it bears. And Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign has borne poisonous and evil fruit.

Let's be clear, Barack Hussein Obama would have been challenged no matter who he battled in the primary. With that name, that skin and that confidence he was going to rub some folks wrong even if he promised them free gas for the rest of their lives. Ain't nothing he could do about that.

But, that reality does not excuse Clinton's devious and dastardly actions or the actions of her supporters and surrogates. There is a clear reason why black people no longer see the Clinton's as the de facto first black couple in the White House and it's not because we had some sort of racial Lasik surgery.

No, Clinton and her putrid husband have displayed their true colors during this primary, they showed black people that we are nothing but pawns on their political chess board and they are more than willing to sacrifice us if it protects the Queen and King. And y'all know who the King and Queen are.

Hillary and her band of bitter losers are concentrating on pressuring Obama to anoint her as his vice-president as if they have some sort of leverage in this ordeal. While Hildermort has toned down her defiant rhetoric and is conceding to Obama, it is clear what her ultimate goal is. She wants to align herself with Obama so that she can be next in line if crazies take him out, and so she can be right back at the epicenter of political power in this country.

This woman does not care about change, she does not care about making good on Obama's campaign promises. She cares about taking care of Hillary, Bill, Chelsea and anybody else that family owes a debt to. She is willing to play second fiddle to Obama only because she is convinced that once she has access to the White House she will easily usurp the authority of a junior senator from Illinois. As one media member posited on the night Obama clinched the nomination, Hillary has made it clear that not only must Obama select her, but added that caveat that if he doesn't select her then he cannot select any other woman. She doens't care about women, she cares about one woman.

Hillary Clinton.

The question now becomes whether Obama is so supremely confident or helplessly naive that he thinks he can win this election with her on his squad. I'm of the mindset that he can't because of everything she now represents, but I don't have a crystal ball. Obama has shown that he is man with his own ideas about what is and is not possible, and he may very well believe that he can achieve this goal even with an Arkansas anchor attached to his hip.

To be honest, besides her loathsome racism and dishonesty Hillary is not a bad politician. Before y'all become alarmed, I am not advocating on her behalf and I want her to stay as far away from Obama's campaign as George Bush is from reality, but I can recognize game. And Hillary definitely has some game.

Yet, despite all of her many abilities and advantages she was unable to garner a victory in this campaign. Consequently, I don't care how many people in Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia and Pennsylvania love her, I'm not convinced she is completely ready for the big stage.

But, there is no question that Obama is ready. He is poised to achieve one of the most amazing feats in the history of civilization (hyperbole anyone?) and everything about him says that he is ready for this moment. He has gotten where he is on his terms, so who am I to dictate to him how to move forward?

I wasn't even convinced he would get this far.


WNG said...

Well I was convinced he would get this far and I'm convinced he won't choose her as a running mate. (so convinced I put $100 I don't have down on a bet with Papa G). The word on the grapevine for weeks had been that Caroline Kennedy was working with others to start vetting VP candidates...long before it was officially announced. Neither Hildermort nor Billfoy would be able to withstand that vetting process and he isn't going to waive it for her. So, let her put on her dumb show and fill it with sound and fury. Then let her fade into the background and try to salvage a Senatorial legacy. Let her try to make amends to the Black community. Let her try to become relevant once more.
As for Obama, my personal feeling is that he'll go military in some way, but if he doesn't I would not be surprised to see a female on the ticket because he has had some great women as surrogates throughout the campaign.
Why do you always make me ramble like this???

Big Man said...

I like it when you ramble because I get good info.

I hope he picks a woman so that HIllary narcissism is exposed.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Big Man,

Interesting point about not being able to choose another woman but Hil, because my thought was he might choose Kathleen Sebelius, Kansas Gov and long time friend. I thought if he chose her it would defuse all those bitter women who supported Hillary and really make them put there money where their mouth is. Because if it is about a strong [white] woman as VP, why doesn’t Sebelius count. I mean she did win a Republican state and is getting great marks in her state and, in my opinion, a great candidate for VP. But like you said this ain’t about women and positions of power, hell this ain’t even about white women, it’s about ONE white woman! *lol*

I have taken a break from the pundits and discussion since he clinched kinda a sabbatical to get me ready for the real war at hand, the GOP bait and switch machine. I am really interested to see if McCain is interested as he says he is in changing how these campaigns are run, I mean after all he was torn to shred by Rove when he ran against W.

However you ain’t never lied when you said HillBilly GOT GAME!! She got more game than Paul Pierce in game one last night. I trust B-Rock and his ability to make decisions, so who ever his choice is for VP I will respect it. Plus you already know his philosophy and how he keeps tell us to look to Lincoln’s Administration as the roadmap to his would be administration and Lincoln’s Team of Rivals is one of his favorite books.


WNG said...

OG - You know I love you girl, but NO ONE has more game than my man Paul last night!!! GO CELTICS!!!

Danielle said...

She will not be his VP, you can take that to the bank. I have stopped worrying about his choices and decisions because he is the political animal and I am not.

He knows what he is doing and I trust his judgment. As for Sen. Clinton, as a woman and a New Yorker, she can just piss off!

Her actions and shenanigans have been beneath contempt. I believe that Sen. Obama's selection of Caroline Kennedy, as one the members of his selection committe, has effectively checkmated Sen. Clinton and all those "bizarre" folks who still think she calls the shots.

Game Over! Now on to the GE.

Big Man said...

I didn't know y'all were Celtics fans.

You know, when I started this blog I meant to touch on a variety of topics including sports, but that has kind of fallen by the wayside.

Oaktown Girl said...

There is a clear reason why black people no longer see the Clinton's as the de facto first black couple in the White House

Oh please tell me you're just piling on the snark because otherwise this is just insulting. I don't know any Black people - educated or not - who ever saw the Clinton's this way. That "first Black President" bit was always a joke, and it got twisted and used by the mainstream media and comedians into being something Black people, (being the dumb Negroes that we are), actually believed and took to heart.

WNG said...

Mama G's from Plymouth and Roxbury, Big Man, & my gandfather's great dream was season tickets at the Garden (which his children were able to make come true before he passed on )so I'm a third generation Celtics fan. Actually, the Celtics are the only part of the 'holy trinity' that I ever liked. I go with Papa G to the Mets side for baseball and off on my own as a Packers fan for football.
Not that you asked...

Imhotep said...

The Devil is knocking, will he open the door?

Yea, You open that door and step to the mofo with a six shooter loaded with silver bullets in one hand and a wooden stake in the other. Handle yo biness, go back inside, drink a 8ball, and start the vetting process.

Big Man said...


Classic response


There was a little snark there. Check out the post I did a while back on the Clinton's and the loss of their "black card." Search those two terms.


When I first started reading your blog I thought you were from Green Bay with that Packers love. Did your Grandpa not have tickets because of the cost, or because of the racism in Boston?

sytgrl said...

I don't think he would choose her, because the word is that she and Bill won't disclose the library donor list. Those two need to STFU and get out of town. I can't wait to work against her Senate campaign here in NY.

jelana said...

He definitely won't choose her. That is exactly why he put Caroline Kennedy on the vetting team. That stops Hillary and her crowd from any sexism rants. I agree with imhotep.
He is a monster in the very best way!
You are absolutely right about his decisions and judgement. We all need to accept that he more than knows what he is doing! He has taken over the DNC and effectively shut down the Clinton's leadership in the DLC.

Raving Black Lunatic