Thursday, June 12, 2008

1.3 Million Mofos With Their Heads Up Their Asses

I'm tired of talking about Hillary Clinton, you all are tired of reading about Hillary Clinton and we all wish she would pretty much go away.

Homegirl finally gave her concession speech and she's pledged to support O-tastic in the general election. She seems ready to make her exit stage left.

Yet, for some reason, The Sandman's music just won't come on.

It seems that far too many of Clinton's supporters are so upset about her defeat that it's impossible for them to move on with life and vote for Obama. They are blathering on and on about sexism and media bias and threatening to stay home or vote for the Old Fogey.

Loyal reader WNG touched on this topic in an astounding post from a feminist point of view a few days back and The Field Negro also got in on the action Wednesday. Media commentators have debated how serious these voters are and many of them have come to the conclusion that these folks are talking big now, but come election time they will fall in line because John McCain doesn't represent any of the same things that Hillary Clinton did.

I have to humbly disagree. Last time I checked, Hillary Clinton was white.

In his post, The Field Negro linked to this website as proof of just how much some Hillary supporters claim to hate Obama. If you look at the site, the creators made it clear that they hate Obama, that their site is dedicated to that hate and that no dissent will be tolerated. Cool, it's their site and the internet still respects free speech.

What I found interesting was that the site was only started in May 2008, and it has already had nearly 1.4 million visitors. That's right, in a little over a month more than a million so-called Democrats have participated in a hatefest against Obama and a love-in for John McCain.


You know, when I listened to cable news hosts debate how serious Hillary supporters are about defecting I usually end up screaming at the television because they always use euphemisms for racism and racist. In addition, I always felt that the media was overhyping the extent of this problem.

But, once I read that site I realized that maybe, just maybe, the media might be on to something. Then I thought about it some more and decided that they were definitely right.

Look, despite the optimism some of us like to cling to, (I'm looking at you WNG), the simple truth is that folks are pig-headed and idiotic. And make no mistake, calling yourself a progressive feminist and supporting John McCain is idiotic. I don't know how these woman can convince themselves that The Great White Hope is the better candidate for president if they've actually looked at his resume. Maybe they are convinced that if he's elected he will screw up so much that people will have to select their candidate in 2012, but I'm thinking they have been sipping the crazy juice.

Unfortunately, white people have been infected with that type of crazy for a long time. How else do you explain the fact that the parts of the country most dependent on government assistance, the South and Midwest, are often the most staunch supporters of the political party that shits on poor people? Black people get branded as emotional nitwits, but when it comes to voting we've been making pragmatic choices about candidates since we got the right.

Anyway, it's sad that these people gather together to hate on Obama, particularly since he has shown amazing restraint towards Hillary and her evilness. I do worry about his candidacy, but I've pretty much decided it's in the hands of God. It's not Obama's fault people do stupid things. Some people like having their heads up their asses.

You can hand somebody shampoo, but you can't force them to wash the shit from their hair.


WNG said...
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WNG said...

Ok - you called me right out there didn't you Big Man? And you're right. There are racists and asshats in this country and in the Democratic party. Lots of them. And I am naive - I say that all the time. I cling to naivete to get me through the door to door voter registration drives and the phone lists. I may be naive, but I'm also pissed off and I'm going to use everything at my disposal to make sure that I register as many voters as I can and bring as many people into the Obama camp as I can so that these so called feminists can walk and it won't make a damn bit of difference. They are hypocrites (why support the Rep Male candidate instead of the Green Party FEMALE candidate?)and racists. The only good news is that most of them are over 20 years older than I am.
I will push them out of my way in time.

Big Man said...

See, that's why you keep me on track when I get caught up in negativity WNG.

Plus, you are always doing concrete things to help improve the world. I like that.

Truthiz said...

Here's how I see it Big Man...

I believe that the people, who voted "FOR" Hillary, (as opposed to those who voted "AGAINST" Obama), did so simply because they saw her as a "stronger" and "more experienced" candidate. Most of those people WILL vote for Obama in November.


Because THOSE Democrats are Democrats peroid. They are NOT "Hillary" democrats.

When it comes to the reality of what this country is facing, Democrats LOVE themselves, their children and grandchildren enough to try to PREVENT another Republican nutjob from becoming President and destroying what’s left of this country and our future!!!

Whereas, “Hillary democrats" are “Reagan democrats". They voted primarily AGAINST Obama because he’s Black_roughly 22-25% admitted it!

The other 70-75% Hillarycrats will give all kinds of other bullsh*t reasons why they “won’t” vote for Barack. But who do they think they're fooling?!

As we've discussed many times on this site_"Hatred" and "Racism" are as American as apple pie!

"Hillarycrats" wouldn’t vote for a Black man to be President even IF their lives _and the lives of their children, and grandchildren_depended on it.

Unfortunately, we’re now at a critical point in our history when ALL of our lives, as Americans, depend on who gets the majority votes in November!

Here are my predictions: The majority of DEMOCRATS who supported Hillary WILL vote for Obama.

However, “Hillary” democrats will, by their actions, say that this country’s future, and the future of their children and grandchildren can “GO STRAIGHT TO H*LL”! They will NOT vote for Obama under any circumstance.

That’s what "HATE" will do to you; drive you to destroy yourself and even those you claim to love!

Sad but True.

Hopefully, their numbers won’t be enough to make any difference to Barack securing the Presidency and the rest of us can get on with trying to form that “more perfect Union”.

WNG said...

I do what I can to keep from going completely nuts, Big Man. I don't do something concrete (or that at least feels concrete to me)I would probably lose it.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

true dat

my folk did a review and interview on me so chk it

A.F. said...

"And make no mistake, calling yourself a progressive feminist and supporting John McCain is idiotic."

That's what I'm screaming. And it's even more infuriating because I never in a million years thought that anybody would have to say such a self-evident thing. If these people were either progressive or feminist, they'd be focusing on finding out about and promoting *anything* HRC ever did for women's causes, and that includes ALL women's causes, not just rich-white-lady causes. I can't stand this. By their reasoning, they'd support Laura Bush or Ann Coulter or whomever--all that matters is that a woman gets into the White House. It's the most feeble-minded bullshit I've ever heard in my life.

I bet the republicans are wishing that they had run an imbecilic, mean-spiritied, racist woman such as Kay Baily Hutchison and cashed in on some of this "progressive feminism."

slag said...

I'm with WNG.

the uppity negro said...

well, we need to keep in mind that along with the "outright pig-headed and idiotic" voters, there are also those outwardly racist voters who do NOT want to have a black president...and these people go to the voting booth, come hell or high water, rain or snow.

Now you know bad weather is a death knell for any black candidate in any district.

I think there is something slightly Obama needs to worry about because Hillary did a very good job of being divisive prior to her concession and she's done a VERY good job so far of keeping her mouth shut as far as campaigning for Obama. She incensed so many racial fears in Appalachia it was amazing. Until she gets out on the trail, particularly in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania (two of the three states Democrats have GOT to win to even think about defeating Weathervane McCain) and stumps for Obama, she's still on my $hit list.


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