Monday, August 20, 2012

A Brief Explanation

 It felt like it was time to go I'd said enough, and possibly said too much.. That's why I abruptly shutdown the blog. I'd become a casualty of the fickle economy, and in trying to position myself to find another job, I wondered if this blog was a positive. Sure, I post under a pseudonym, but it's not that hard to find out who I really am. How would it look in a job interview trying to explain exactly why I post my thoughts under the moniker of "Raving Black Lunatic"?

Turns out I was wrong.  I have plenty more to say, and if I have to explain why I write what I write, I'll do my best to make it plain.

There is still a need for lunatics, raving and black. So many things still bubble around inside the rusted cauldron that it is my brain, and I'll only make myself sick if I don't have a chance to express them. So I'm back, if anyone cares. And I will keep posting about race, religion and what being black means to me. I hope some of you will forgive my desertion and continue to check out what I have to say.



Babydok said...

Welcome back, missed your words Bro!!

cinque said...

Everyone needs some time away. I am so very glad you are back giving voice to my thoughts. Keep writing and I will keep reading and passing it along.

Raving Black Lunatic