Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Messengers and Messages

Bryant, Bryant, Bryant...

What were you thinking homie?

It's not that your comments are off base. It's not that they don't belong in this discussion. It's that I have to believe that when you made them, you knew how they would be received.

Which makes me wonder what you were thinking. You know that invoking slavery pretty much eliminates the chance that white people will think critically or have a decent discussion. Just the mention of the word drives them insane like Pavlov's bell. So, why did you do it?

The cynical part of me says you want to move units. That is you want to drive eyes to your show by stirring up some controversy. But, that seems like a sucker's bet. Yeah, white folks will watch you for a while, but if they think you're going to consistently talk about race, it won't be long before you fall out of favor. Not long at all.

So, was this just a selfish power move, or did you really feel so angry and upset by Stern's tactics that you didn't give a damn who disliked what you had to say? Were you so upset that you weren't looking to create a serious debate, but you just wanted to vent? Maybe.

If that was your goal, you succeeded. I've already argued with multiple people about this clip, and I"m sure I'll speak to more. I don't have a problem with your comments, and it's cool that you said what a lot of black folks have been thinking. But, I'm not sure where things go from here. I doubt anybody's mind will be changed, and I doubt this helps the players at all.

And, I'm not sure you care.


Imhotep said...

I, for one, applaud Bryant Gumbel airing his thoughts. He's smart enough to anticipate the predictable response whenever a Black person paint racist motives to white people or in this case a white person. He did so anyway knowing that his choice of words and his damning condemnation of the Commissioner would not go over well with a large percentage white America. Nonetheless, Bryant spoke his mind and did not mince his words. Good for him!

I’m guessing Bryant is fairly comfortable with his life and the creature comforts derived from his talents and positive public profile, but all that don’t mean shit if you go quietly into the night and never speak your piece, especially when given a public forum.

The message that will be lost in all of this, is that Bryant is asking Commissioner Stern to treat the ball players as men during the negotiations and not merely commodities to be bought, sold or traded.

Anonymous said...

Agreed and don't knock Bryant Big Man he's had a very looooong history of telling it like it is. Who cares if some get pissed off they should pissed at themselves NOT him. Very rarely will a black person in the MSM speak truth to power. And another thing that gets me every time this happens with a predominantly black sport people whine like crazy especially the MSM. I don't recall them having the SAME attitude when this was hockey players gee wonder why.

Raving Black Lunatic