Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last Moments

Inspired by this story.

What's happening?

Why are they beating me? What do you little bastards want? Yeah, take that white boy!

Get off! Get off!

Where did they come from? What do they want?

Nigger? White Power?

Who are these kids? What the fuck is happening?

It hurts. My God it hurts. Please stop beating me. Please stop...

What did I do? Tell me please! What did I do?

I'm sorry. Just don't hurt me anymore. Just don't hurt me anymore. justdon'thurtmeanymore. hurtanymore. hurthurthurt.


I think they're gone. I heard car doors slam. They were laughing. They're gone. Please God let them be gone.

Must get up. Find help. Need help. Somebody please help.

A car. They will help. Please stop. Need help. Maybe if I wave a little...


Pain. So much pain.


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