Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pondering Again

Why are black people always the measuring stick for everybody's oppression in America?

Why do people continue to believe that "this wouldn't happen if I was black" when they see all the horrible stuff that DOES happen to black people?

Why do people recognize that black people understand oppression, but tell us we complain too much when we bring issues up?

Why would the NAACP feel the need to trust or respond to any story that originated from Fox News and a die-hard conservative operative?

Why does the NAACP still use the world "colored" in it's name? Seriously, who understand that choice?

Why did so many folks find it "shocking" Amare Stoudemire had some Jewish heritage? Do people really think every Jewish person looks like Jerry Seinfeld?

How can anyone seriously not see the double standard being employed in regards to Tim Tebow?

Why does it feel like black athletes are constantly being asked to apologize for being well-paid?

Why don't media members, whose names and faces are often in the spotlight, feel compelled to publish their salaries so we can see how much they make to cover these "children's games"?

Why is Fox News the most highly rated news station on cable? What does that say about this country?

Why do men and women make courting so hard?

What's the appeal of tattoos on a woman?

Why is this congressman yelling so much like he doesn't know it's all a sham?

Why did so many people think Obama was going to change the world?



LisaMJ said...

I'm too lazy to try to give you any real answers but my short answer is: cause humans (myself and my fellow Americans especially) are CRAZY and the strangest animals on the planet. Period dot.

Big Man said...

I can't say we're the strangest. Honestly, what do we really know about what's going on in the minds of other animals? Plus, chimps are some wild bastards in their own right.

LisaMJ said...

I say we are the strangest b/c of our deeds and how we live. Most other animals spend a good part of their lives concerned with survival. With a few exceptions, they kill b/c they are legitimately afraid for their lives, b/c they are hungry or are faced with a threat. They generally adapt to their environment, rather than foolishly and dangerously attempting to make it adapt to them, thus jeapordizing the lives of thousands of species. Compare that to what do we do, especially in the west. We kill other animals for sport and decoration more than we do for food, sometimes we kill our fellow humans for spite. We spend some of our time for survival but we also spend time creating infrastructures and systems and societies that make many of us unhealthy, and unhappy. Why do so many of us spend our days, not out in the wild, getting our food, having our young and surviving, but sitting at desks, inside, in unnatural boxes, riding around in metal boxes, fighting over ephemera, plotting and scheming to get over on others, not for survival, but for fun or to fill some "psychological need" that isn't being met? Rather than spend time realizing we are all in it together, we create societies that do everything possible to seprate us, pretend we are different, or better or somehow more divinely made than others b/c of the color of our skin, the contours of our faces, shapes of our noses, the nature of the dead cells that grow from our hair, or because they worship a god or gods who isn't our god (s) or one facet of a god that we don't recognize and so on and so on. Maybe other animals do some of these things too, but not to the extent humans do. THere are people whose life's work in the past helped to lay foundations and who today help to continue and perpetuate all sorts of crazy ideas of supremacy and inferiority and alientation of their fellow creatures rather than just LIVING like other animals do. If I personally knew how to escape it, I would but I'm a human and a westerner and can't just go out and pretend I'm a lion or a bird or sometihng. SOrry, this is a serious pet-theory of mine that I go off on occasionally, please shoot holes into my theory and tell me to be pipe down with my foolishness.

Big Man said...

I ain't gonna lie, I'm not interested in just "living" like most animals do.

I've watched the Animal Planet, I'd rather live the crazy life of a human then live the life of a lion, or zebra or rabbit. You're right in a lot of what you said, but many of the things we humans do is becuase we've figured out ways to not have to worry every single day about eating, or being eaten. Once you remove that worry, you'll find that all animals get a little strange. It's because you have more time and energy for other stuff.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the 'child's game' attitude I mean COME ON!! White and adored male movie stars make millions for PRETENDING to be heroes/cops/firefighters/soldiers in Iraq what have you. Unless the chuckleheads think Christian Bale is actually a eccentric billionaire out fighting crime every night. Or Kurt Russell really DID rescue that little boy froma fire or all the CSI folks are actually police officers using high-tech machines and walking the beat to solve crimes. BULLSHIT! They are actors getting a payday and I have YET to hear any of the a-holes who always bitch about how much athletes make complain about them. Gee I wonder why.

Anonymous said...

And I am in 100 perecnt agreement on that whole 'if this were the blacks' that is a phrase that is not only stupid,ignorant,arrogant,and divisive but HIGHLY insulting. As if there are just NO black folks that know what you are talking about. Or we have to drop what we are doing because soandso groups is offended. Last time I checked the 'tomahawk chop' Charlie Chan and teh Taco Bell dog were NOT my problem. So don't try and make them that.

Raving Black Lunatic