Thursday, January 28, 2010

I Never Forget

Chris Matthews forgot Barack Obama was a black man.

I never forget.

I never forget he's black, I never forget I'm black and I never forget that 88 percent of Americans are not.

I don't care how well a white dude articulates my thoughts on a topic, I don't forget they're white. Tim Wise is a beast on racial matters, but I never forget his skin color. Robin Thicke can sing like a brotha, but I don't forget he ain't.

Is that a personal failing?

Increasingly, we are being told that if you can't shake off the shackles of race, you are a dinosaur in post-racial America. And like all dinosaurs, you are destined for extinction. "Colorblind" is the buzzword of the hip, and those of us refusing to embrace a monochromatic future are guilty of holding up progress.

Sorry, I can't catch that train.

It's not just that I'm stubborn, although my wife would tell you that I am. It's not that I love my victim status, truthfully I've been repeatedly blessed by God throughout my life so it's impossible for me to be a true victim. No, I refuse to do away with race, because nobody has proven to me that becoming "colorblind" is a viable and better alternative.

The people who claim to be colorblind still show a preference for particular hues. The post-racial partisans seem to remember race quite easily when pressed. Claiming not to see color seems to be a smokescreen to distract folks from the evil these people do in the name of color.

I'm not calling Chris Matthews evil, Lord knows I'm not. I think I understand what he was trying to say. Basically, Obama touched him so deeply that Matthews forgot about the messenger and just accepted the message. I get it. He was moved, he was impressed, he was in the moment.

I just ain't built like that.



Darth Whitey said...


So let's see, in the 24 hours after the SOTU, people are talking about...
* Matthews' remark
* Why wasn't Clinton there?
* It was too long
* Alito shook his head

For God's sake people, who cares? Are we really this childish? What about the SOTU's content? I can't take it anymore. I can only imagine what they're saying on the cable "news" networks or on the radio, I'd rather have a root canal than find out. PBS and the foreign press continues to be the only way forward.

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Deacon Blue said...

I love Chris Matthews, but the man does have a habit of putting his foot in his mouth at times, with all the best intentions.

But I think it's a lot easier for a member of the majority to "forget" an individual's race than it is for a member of the minority to do so.

Imhotep said...

I must confess, I like Chris Matthews, not that I think he is a particularly enlightened white guy, but I do think he's trying. He's one of the few white guys that makes a point of constantly calling out those that embrace the birther movement. Every now and then he says something to indicate that he's aware of his white privilege, so I give him a pass.

Yea, no denying his words did came out awkward, but for me, I more evaluate the messenger that the message. If the same words came from Rush or Beck, I would have an entirely different outlook.

Chris may have forgotten for a moment that the president is Black, but I’m very certain that the President is reminded daily, perhaps moment-by-moment that he’s Black. Big Man, I’m with you on that color blind nonsense.

Thordaddy said...

Well, look here... Do have liberal "racialists?" No wait, liberal "Christian" racialists?


The question is why are you so contemptuous of those white folks that aren't colorblind either? I mean, Matthews is colorblind and you're taking issue with him?

Maybe your racialism is just a fundamental contempt for white people, colorblind or not?

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Big Man said...


Thor, you slay me. You really do. Keep coming around and amusing my readers, it's good for blog traffic.

ch555x said...

I made a point not to even bother with any post-SOTU remarks. I switched channels once the Repub response got under way.

Anonymous said...

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