Monday, September 28, 2009

Pop Quiz

So, let's say Big Man is a world famous writer with tons of fans. He writes masterpieces that make men weep and women swoon. He is like crack, hard and potent.

But, Big Man has demons. Particularly, he likes his women a little young. Not May and December young, but "Daddy DayCare" young. One time, Big Man gets a 13-year old girl in his home, gives her a little booze, a few pills and then proceeds to have his way with her despite her objections. Big Man later pleads guilty to having sex with minor, is given a sweetheart deal by prosecutors, but blows town because he's worried that the the judge might not go along with the plan.

Simple question here: Could you still celebrate Big Man's writing career?

Those of y'all who read or watch the news now that today's blog topic is ripped directly from the headlines, as they say. Celebrated director Roman Polankski was recently arrested by the Swiss police, and his apprehension has outraged many in the artistic community. It seems that back in 1978, Polanski participated in a situation similar to the one described above and now it's time to pay the piper.

However, Polanski's supporters think it's time to let bygones be bygones. They argue that the police should stop hounding the 76-year old who has spent the past few decades jetting around the world making movies and banging groupies. (I assume he's banging groupies, don't know this for a fact.) I actually saw where one dude argued that this whole arrest thing is "sinister," and it's been tied to this country's puritanical views about sex, and a quest to get some money from the Swiss.

How about it's tied to the fact that this cat raped a child and then jumped bail?

Come on people, let's call a spade a spade. First and foremost, this cat raped a little girl. According to the girl's account, the sex was in no way consensual. Even if she's lying about that, she was 13-years old and Polanski used alcohol and drugs to coerce her. This is an open and shut case of pedophilia, with the additional bonus of some forcible rape.

Polanski apparently only left town once he realized that a judge wasn't going to let him plead out to a lesser charge, and he decided that he didn't want to hear the other inmates holla "Short Eyes" when he hit the tier. That would have been ugly.

I really can't fathom how folks are defending old boy's actions and arguing that he shouldn't have to deal with what he did. Not only does he need to do some time for the rape, but he needs to do some time for running. If Leroy or Tyrone raped a chick and jumped bail nobody would be questioning whether they deserve to get dealt with by the law. But because this cat is handy with a video camera he's supposed to get special treatment? And Mike Vick just did two years for killing some dogs?

That's crazy talk.

If you as a person are really bothered by the fact that Polanski is catching flak for a child rape he admitted to committing, then you need to reevaluate your life. Bottom line, this ain't the kind of cat you need to be celebrating. He represents something disgusting and nasty about our world. He's the embodiment of a policy that most of us despise.

It ain't what you do, it's who you are.



Deacon Blue said...

I can still respect and admire the work he's done, but I have no qualms about him paying his dues. He's long overdue for that. I don't know of anything in his long life that has done anything to give him "time served" for that crime. He did it, and he should spend what remains of his life (most likely) in prison.

Time passed isn't the same as time served.

LisaMJ said...

Yep, he should go to jail. When I first heard this story early this morning, I didn't have the whys and whats, but after reading that he said he did it, totally knew the girl was 13 b/c he needed to get his Mom's permission to use her as a model, and the girl told him no, it seems cut and dried. I feel bad for the now grown victim for having this dredged up again and for her family (I think she has children who are relatively young) and I also feel bad for Polanski's kids for finding out that Dad is a pedophile and criminal. I don't feel bad for him even though he had a messed up life, that isn't an excuse here.

LisaMJ said...

her Mom's permission I meant.

Darth Whitey said...

I can't imagine any fair minded person disagreeing that this guy should go to jail. Celebrity or not. He broke the law, was convicted, and fled. Open and shut really. Nevermind if the prosecution was warranted (it was), but it's a matter of keeping some integrity in the criminal justice system.

I didn't care for The Pianist at all btw heh. Not that it makes a difference but just saying, not worth the oscar it got. Seems like anybody who makes a high budget movie about the holocaust wins an oscar. Schindler's List rocked though.

Brenda said...

The one repeating thought in my mind has been, if Roman Polanski had been a Black man named Ronald Polman his behind would been in prison YEARS AGO. Whatever country Ronald would have run/escaped to, would have turned him over to the American authorities within hours or days of his arrival.

I'm willing to bet that despite Polanski being arrested in Switzerland, he probably won't do any jail time, if he's even extradited to the US.

Ed M. said...

The one repeating thought in my mind has been, if Roman Polanski had been a Black man named Ronald Polman his behind would been in prison YEARS AGO.

Michael never touched those boys :)

Tit for Tat said...

Yep he should have to pay his dues. Im curious though Big Man, does that mean your Christian Brothers the Mormons should have to go to jail too? Afterall they like em young too.

Imhotep said...

Got mixed feelings with this case. My understanding is that the victim, now an adult, does not want to pursue the matter. If she comes to her decision without coercion or duress, then I would value her desire. If she can bring herself to forgive, why should the state seek vengeance?

Now, if the state wants their pound of flesh, because he skip town, then arrest him on fugitive charges, and build the case on that issue.

Big Man said...

Tit for Tat

I don't see the Mormons as my Christian brothers. And if they are raping little girls, they need to go to jail.


I understand your sentiment, but I can't agree that the state should just drop it. This cat raped a child, and at the time the child wanted him punished. Instead of dealing with that, he skipped town. Now, over the years the child turned into an adult who decided that moving on from the rape was the best decision for her, but that doesn't mean that Polanski shouldn't pay for what he did to that child.

At least in my opinion.

Ed M

Michael Jackson was aquitted. This dude was found guilty and then left town shortly thereafter. Moreover, unlike someone like say Assata Shakur, he was hiding out in a country where we couldn't get him. He's been living in plain sight. Different situations completely.

Mr. Noface said...

I'm with you a hundred percent on this one, Big Man. Polanski's tragedy filled life, his artistic ability, and his current age have nothing to do with what he did to a 13 year old girl, 30 years ago (which was "rape rape" her). To argue otherwise is...simply stupid. *Gives Whoopie Goldberg the side eye*

Raving Black Lunatic