Monday, June 15, 2009

What Do You See?

I've been pondering the perplexities of perspective. (Alliteration suckers!)

How we see the world, and how that affects our actions.

I mean, some folks look at a doctor who performs late-term abortions and see a medical professional with a tough job who provides a legal service to women who want it. Other folks see a scumbag who has killed thousands of babies with little or no remorse.

Some folks see Obama as catering too much to Israel and the American Jewish community in an effort to curry favor and prevent a backlash against his domestic policies. Other folks see Obama as a Muslim sympathizer hell bent of exposing Israel to nuclear attacks.

Some folks see Michelle Obama as the mystical embodiment of all the virtues of black womanhood. Other folks see her as the first cousin of Curious George.

It's all about perspective, and different perspectives make the world go 'round.

I'm still trying to get some perspective on my own perspective. Still trying to figure out exactly how I see the world, and what that means for the people around me. I've noticed recently that when I take a step back and slow myself down, sometimes the world comes into a little better focus. I've noticed that when I stop arrogantly thinking that I must be right just because I "feel" right, it gets a little easier to deal with folks I love and care about.

Anyway, that's just something that's on my mind.....

Bonus Blog.

Why homeboy gonna tell Michelle she got apes in the family and then backpedal faster than Deion Sanders?

If you are going to pop off at the mouth on a race tip, at least be man enough to stand by what you have to say. You already know that some folks are going to have a problem with your comment, if you don't care enough about their feelings to not make the comment, don't act surprised when they check you.

Then this cat had the nerve to say that he was only repeating what Michelle said herself. That since she believes humans come from apes, than she got apes in her family.

Does he think we're stupid? If you don't believe in the ape theory, then how you going to believe that Michelle got apes in her family simply because she's a human? Your joke makes no sense based on your stated beliefs.

But it does make sense if you understand that many white folks think black folks are just one small step up from chimps. It makes sense considering the fact that the Obamas have dealt with more monkey jokes than any first couple in history. It makes sense when you realize that juvenile, cowardly racists like to believe that only their friends are smart enough to understand their racist jokes.

Guess what, ain't nobody fooled.

We know what you meant, we know who you are and you just confirmed black folks' worst suspicions about your party. Keep on doing what you do, and I'm sure you will reap your just reward.



Mr. Noface said...
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Mr. Noface said...

Ah yes, perspective! I prefer the panoramic view myself, before rejecting, modifying, or reaffirming what I believe to be right.

I think many in the Repub party, think that everyone is stupid regardless of race (especially their own followeres). It seems like every action they've taken lately shows how they feel that the American public is too stupid to call them on their BS.

Oh and aren't you tired of the backhanded apologies that these guys offer up after a racist comment? I know I am.

Big Man said...


I'd rather somebody say "I refuse to apologize because I did nothing wrong" then to say "I'm sorry if anyone was offended."

The whole dynamic of that apology was effed up.

Deacon Blue said...

Hell, I don't know about how black folks in general feel, but as a guy with black wife and kids, I'd have felt better even if he had said:

"It was a joke. Maybe you don't get it, maybe you don't like it. I don't get a lot of your liberal or democratic jokes, either."

At least that would show some kind of conviction and shred of honesty, even if the comments would remain just as repugnant.

Marbles said...

Sir, you've nailed exactly what makes me want to blow my brains out with an AK-47 and have my corpse run over by a street cleaner afterwards.


AARGH! It drives me nuts. Up is down. Black is white. Wet is dry. 2+2=5.

I maintain that we live in a society where there is no longer any such thing as a fact. No such thing. Politically, there are essentially two parallel universes, and each have directly contradictory "facts" in their armories.
It's one thing to have different opinions. It's quite another to have different FACTS. That's dysfunction, plain and simple. A democracy cannot function under these circumstances, not in any meaningful way.

Anyway, not being a member of yer demographic, I can't view these kinds of racial "jokes" from the inside. I do, however, continue to be amazed at the utter consistency with which they keep coming.

I mean these people have ANY self-awareness?!

Raving Black Lunatic