Friday, May 15, 2009

Blame Game Burnout

I just need to say one thing to all the folks who remember what city I live in...Email is not your friend.

It's time to nut up.

Stand up and be counted.

Admit your mistakes, take your lumps, live to fight another day.

Can somebody please do this?

I've been thinking about blame, and how it gets passed around more than a bong at the Osbourne house. Whether on a macro or micro level, it seems like nobody wants to admit their mistakes, accept responsibility for the consequences and then move on.

Personally, I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of having to explain simple stuff to black people, white people and all the other peoples of the world. I'm tired of trying to convince people that their simplistic views on race and racism are naive because I need to prove to them that they actually made a mistake. They don't appreciate the assistance and my blood pressure doesn't like the stress.

Frankly, the job doesn't pay enough.

If you're wrong, say you're wrong. Don't give me the excuses, don't try to rationalize your wrongness. Just say "Yeah, I messed up there, I'll have to make amends. Can you forgive me?"

Don't try to convince me I'm the one with the problem. Don't point out the mistakes other people are making. You're not them, they aren't you. You are responsible for what you do, nobody else lives in your skin. Why do you think the screw-ups of other people somehow justify your mistakes? Guess what? They really don't.

Sure, it's hard to accept blame. It's difficult to be punished. But, the alternative is becoming a mewling idiot.




Deacon Blue said...

I've come to discover that I'm often wrong not just on a daily basis but an hourly one.

Whether it's small potatoes or big issues, it's always hard to fess up.

But dang, it's harder sometimes to watch some other people throughout a day wallow in their "I'm always right" mentality and not snap on them...

MacDaddy said...

Big Man, your problem is that you're not passionate enough. Just kidding.

If revenge is better served cold, truth is better served plain. And you make it plain like a black preacher on a Sunday afternoon.

Kyra said...

I live in New Orleans and I'm tired of the mayor, his office, and the City Council. Can they all just grow up? It's like a three ring circus and it certainly isn't helping our city's image. There are real problems and real issues that need to be addressed. They all just need to suck it up, learn how to get along, work together, and do their jobs.

Clifton said...

Big Man..

Brother I am feeling you this one. I am tired of it my damn self.

Raving Black Lunatic