Monday, January 28, 2008

Cracker Bill

Yeah, I used that word.

That's right, I'm familiar with the word cracker and I'm not opposed to using it. Now you know.

I used that word cause that's what Bill Clinton is rapidly showing himself to be. His continual "aw shucks" attacks on my main man Obama are starting to reveal what apparently has always been beneath his saxophone playing, weed smoking, faux black veneer.

(Side note. Anybody who continues to compare Obama and Bill Clinton's blackness is opening themselves up to be slapped and labeled a coon. Just fair warning to all you coons, I mean good negroes.Bullshit )

I like Obama. I actually bought his two books and checked out the man's thoughts on the world. He's a centrist, a moderate and a fairly assimilated black man. Consequently, he's nothing at all like me, yet I still like him.


Well first of all, he seems very, very intelligent. Then, he seems genuine. But, mainly, he's a black man who can get white people to change a little bit.

I'm a realist. Black people make up roughly 12 percent of the population in the United States. We ain't never gonna run this shit. Ever.

So to correct some of the lingering problems in our communities, we're going to have to appeal to the better natures of white folks to finally right some longstanding wrongs, and Obama seems fairly well equipped to do that. That's why I like him.

But, Mr. Brains is trying to eff that up. See, when he's not making it rain on interns, Bill likes to acquire money and power. And, he knows that if his wife ends up in the oval office he'll have his hands on both.

So, Bill is taking the gloves off. He's laughed and chuckled with the negroes for long enough, now he's drawing his line in the sand and letting them know that all that stupid ass talk about his blackness doesn't mean a damn thing to him.

"Look here coons, I ain't black, and I ain't never gonna be black. Now give me my money."

That's what Bill and his better half have basically said with the tenor of their attacks on Obama. And make no mistake about it, all of those ridiculous comments made by Clinton's surrogates came from the former first family. That ish was not random.

It's all part of a calculated strategy to limit Obama's options and paint him into a box. It's all part of campaign to make sure he recognizes and remains in his "place" until they've decided he's worthy to do something else. That shit should sound mighty familiar to all black folks and completely end any discussion of whether Obama is "black enough" for us.

So, with their decisions, Bill and his lovely wife have revealed themselves to be crackers. Not just any kind of crackers, but Saltines. They're bad for my pressure and bitter in large doses.

But, it's cool. I mean, it's not like I'm surprised. As I said earlier, people have always drawn lines in the sand. In all of our minds, there are certain sacrifices we're willing to make to get where we want to go.

Bill's sacrifice was his nigger bona fides, I think he feels just fine with that sacrifice.

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Shock Therapy said...

Big Man this is too funny! I guess I have said that Obama and Bill are the same just that Bill is white. Please dont' slap me!

I agree 100% though that Bill and Hilary are now showing there true colors WHITE.

We couldn't see it before becuase no one was ever pressuring them against the wall from a racial standpoint.

I don't think we can survive as a country with the Clinton's back in office.

Raving Black Lunatic