Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Punks Everywhere

I have just read multiple stories about random racism.

This is a normal routine for me. Stories about racist police, racist landlords and racist business people all float across my computer screen every weekday and I consume them and consider them. It's what helps me pass the time, and has taught me something valuable.

Racism is often steeped in cowardice.

I'm not saying that racists are all cowards, at least not in the way we typically think of cowards. Plenty of racist love nothing more than a good fight with someone of an "inferior" race. What I'm saying, is that what I've noticed is that a lot of people want to enjoy and spread racism without having to pay any of the associated costs that go along with being a racist. I consider that cowardice.

I've read about politicians rapidly backtracking from racist remarks they made years ago or just last week.. I've read about people openly advocating discrimination, and then quickly trying to convince people that they don't have a racist bone in their bodies. I could chalk this up to stupidity, or confusion, but it's obvious that's not the case. These people know what they're doing, and they know the price. They just don't plan on paying.

It's more than a little irritating. After all, the world would be a simpler place if bigots just admitted they were bigots, and let the rest of us treat them accordingly. Instead, they want to make bigoted comments and still be treated like fair-minded respectable members of society. Of course this isn't a new attitude, but that doesn't make it any less ridiculous.

Unfortunately, this a side effect of our piss poor attempts to "erase racism". We've added a social stigma to racism, but since so many people are so comfortable being racists, they'd rather change the definition of the word, than change their behavior. Everyday I'm reminded of how few people lack the moral conviction to stand behind their beliefs and truly reap what they sow.

Little punks.


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Anonymous said...

What's happening Lunatic (in a cool 70's blaxploitation communist student union organizer tone). Wuzzup wit Dallas? I think that's where you said you're at.

Interesting post. Sound logic. I o have questions about how we respond to such people but I really want to 1st voice (rather type) concern about the real sinister behind the scenes villains that do not perform on stage but the ones that produce the play.

One can't make the claim that the prison industrial complex is a racists institution. Well, you can but the general public is so conditioned to reading the world around them employing spoon fed archetypes.

Generally people identify a racist by easy recognizable declarations. This presents an archetype that undermines true white supremacy, and it is white supremacy that is most devastating not the pop culture white supremacist. This is a white supremacy that manifests and is sustained even by people of color. The kind of white supremacy that may associate someone black having an incredible athletic physique with that of a "Greek god" as oppose to an Egyptian Pharaoh. The Greek god being the norm. The kind of white supremacy in which corporate media refuses to address the prison industrial complex as a real actual slave system that makes serious profits while George Clooney and Cheadle talk about Sudan. Torn ragged clothes and old shackles being the norm.

See Oprah, with all her money and "power" wouldn't dare have a school specifically for black youth in America, reconstructing the curriculum. White supremacy will question such radical "reverse racists" ideologies. It will question her unwillingness to just have a school for all people regardless of race. If you help African children that has absolutely no historical implications that indicts white power. That is more devastating than any politician that a Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton can dismantle in a 10 minute news segment (plus commercials).

It's the same white supremacy that put up SOOOOO much resistance to rap music when it was political, as being offensive and degenerate, but today when rap celebrates self-annihilation it has absolutely ZERO resistance from the media monster. Because now a system controls it and owns it. It is now a puppet government. Carefully selected emcees.

So much so that a presidential administration finds it fashionable & cool to associate with emcees that have no sense of responsibility, yet the administration takes the pulpit to young black men about responsibility. People trip on Cosby but at least he has a track record of endorsing imagery & content that supports his politics.

But they know the general public is just too stupid to string together and construct a trickle of thought. Because the media machine (be it Hollywood, commercialism, PSA's whatever) that insures white supremacy continues to define what is racism, what is terrorism, what is socially acceptable & what is not.

In my opinion the light show we see on TV no more exemplifies racism than 'Lil Wayne exemplifies a murderer; as Wayne puts it, "I will murder your family...your new born." That is real racism applied by white supremacy. In my opinion we should allow white supremacy to continue to identify the "no shyt Sherlock" racism sensationalism, while we call out the real players.

Raving Black Lunatic