Monday, August 8, 2011

Inspired by a True Picture

 She's smiling at me.

I can't believe she's smiling at me. I told those uneducated idiots who questioned her feelings about black people that she had our best interests at heart, but they scoffed at me. Now, she's smiling at me.

And it's a real smile. Not like those patronizing smirks Democrats use as they enslave my people with the twin shackles of welfare and low expectations.

Who would want to improve their plight if they are given free food, housing and money every month? What's the incentive to get a real job and become captains of industry if all of your most basic needs are met simply by breathing? That's how they trap black people. They trap them with handouts, and false claims of equality. There can be no equality without a chance to find your own bootstraps.

Liberals don't care about righting wrongs. Their white guilt is not a real emotion, just a fill-in. They use their affirmative action and welfare to keep us inferior. It's not about schools or poverty; I was poor. I know what it's like to eat Wish Sandwiches, and walk miles on dirt roads to get to a ramshackle classroom. I know what it's like to be insulted, demeaned and abused for attempting to read a book.

And not by white folks, but by my own people. It wasn't "The Man" who refused my shy attempts at dating because I didn't have the nicest clothes, or a new car. I couldn't afford those things because the money from my job went into a savings account for my college education because I knew that this day would come. I knew that the future held more for me then factory jobs and common law wives. I knew I would not be trapped in a poor excuse for e neighborhood surrounded by black and brown faces sweating and straining five days a week only to get drunk Saturday night and pray to some invisible God on Sunday morning.

I knew better.

That's why she's smiling at me. She seems that sacrifice. She sees those jeers. She recognizes that I'm different, that's I've thrown off the mental shackles that confine so many like me. She knows that I've been educated, that I'm special, that I deserve her acceptance and appreciation. She seems that I'm worth something. I'm not voting bloc. I'm an individual.

Look at how she leans close to me. Notice how wide her smile has become. How could she be a racist when she's so comfortable with me? How could she hate black people when she so obviously loves me?

She will be my president. Those who doubt her worth are wrong. She cares. She cares about me most of all.

And it's not because I'm black.



Darth Whitey said...

Hrm. Did I stumble across the wrong blog here? Is Big Man being impersonated?

Clifton said...

I understand this totally.

Imhotep said...

BigMan, have you outsource the writing to Herman Cain?

Big Man said...

My homeboy issued a challenge to look at that picture, and write something as the black man pictured above. I thought the title would explain the point of the post.

This is my feeble attempt to be the man in that picture, the man who is at that event with those people.

Bill said...

Well, the man in that picture is in need of some serious councelling.

lifelearner said...

Nice attempt Big Man. I would assume this gentleman in the photo is in the early onsets of Alzheimer's to be associated with that clown!

Dirty Red said...

Big Man,
I got you from the first sentence.
And I have to admit that I agree with some of what that dude was thinking. I went back to the city I grew up in this past weekend and I have to admit that it depressed the shit out of me. Most of the dudes that I went to school with have just gotten out of jail and they still think they are still 18. Pants sagging, hat to the back or tilted to the left; I grew up in a crip hood...just depressing...some of them are trying to take care of their multiple kids by multiple hood rats, but some have went right back to doing what sent them away for the past 10 to 15 years.. just damn depressing.

Dirty Red said...

Let me clarify my last....

I think that that bytch is bat-shit crazy....just crazy for no damn reason....crazy for the sake of being crazy...

But I do understand some of what the dude was

Big Man said...

Most honest black people have thought what that dude is thinking at certain points.
But, the smart ones don't go as far left as he went. That's the key.

Raving Black Lunatic