Thursday, June 30, 2011

Call Me Richard

So the President is "kind of a dick."

Tell us how you really feel Mark.

It's not a surprise that folks would think that the president's attempt to throw down the gauntlet for Republicans was a tad forceful. Since the president typically prefers to be subdued and non-confrontational, it makes it a bit jarring when he speaks the unvarnished truth.

Everybody knows that if Republicans want spending cuts, they should be willing to eliminate the pet benefits of their key donors that actually drive up the country's debt. Everybody also knows that it's hypocritical to complain about "handouts" for seniors, while protecting handouts for billion dollar corporations. But people were still surprised that Obama would lay things out so clearly, and do it without his usual flowery words.

I guess Mark Halperin was more surprised than most.

After reading about what led up to the comment, I can see that it was, in fact, an attempt to be funny that got beamed out to a public audience that was never supposed to see it. It wasn't a case of a random white guy becoming so enraged at an uppity black president that he had to put him in his place. Instead, dude was just trying to be cute.

Epic Fail.

It's funny though, why would you choose to compare the President to a penis while taping a national television show? It's cool if you refer to President Obama in that manner in private, hell I know I've said worse about Dubya. But, why choose to make those comments in the studio, and why choose to call him a dick because he just spoke to truth that everybody knows. What exactly is dickish about that?

There is something else behind this whole debacle. It was a brief peek behind the curtain at what certain folks believe is the proper way this president should conduct himself, even as they bash him for being too mild. He can't win this battle over his image, mainly because there are almost no black people who can win.

That's why I tend to tell them all to go suck my Richard.


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