Friday, May 20, 2011

Powerful, powerful post. Check it out.

Daddy Dialectic: A Day at the Park



Brotha Wolf said...

I checked it out, and I'm still speechless. I could only just tell the man, thank you!

LisaMJ said...

Thank you for posting the link to this. It was extremely powerful. I so felt for that guy. It kind of ticked me off some self-id'd white women in his comments complaining about him "stereotyping" the moms who sit and text and don't play with their kids. So not the point of what he was saying. I wrote my comment before I read the other ones and didn't want to start a fight but I was just like, "white lady say, what?!!"

Big Man said...

You should have seen some of the comments when the NY Times linked to that post.

Raving Black Lunatic