Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes I wonder

Watched this clip the other day as it was getting passed around Facebook. (Excuse the size. Blogger is tripping. Just Google "white chick insults asians" for a better video.)

As you can see, this busty blond is complaining about Asians at UCLA using their cell phones in the library. She also complains about excessive visits from their relatives, about how much those relatives help them with general housework, about their accents and use of a foreign language, about their presence on campus and about their general lack of manners. Basically, she complains about their existence.

As I watched this young woman spew hatred and bigotry, I found myself getting angry. I'm not Asian, but all I had to do was substitute my "black" for Asian and change up some of the stereotypes, and the woman could have been talking to me.

As she mentioned "real Americans" and people lacking gratitude and social grace, I wanted to reach through the computer and shake her. As she attempted to justify her remarks by ragging on "political correctness" I could almost feel my blood pressure spiking. She is a walking, talking caricature and the worst thing about her is that she is not alone.

People think she has a valid point.

Sometimes I wonder...

Is it that hard to put yourself in someone else's shoes? Is it that difficult to understand that blanket statements involving race are dangerous, particularly when they are derogatory? What's so hard about realizing that it is offensive and insulting to question whether full-fledged citizens are real "Americans"? It's not cool to seclude yourself in a bubble of ignorance. It's just not cool.

This young woman is so convinced of her right to spew ignorance that she actually posted it on the Internet for the world to see. She believes so strongly in her ability to identify authentic Americans, that she had no fear of her classmates and future employers learning her opinions.

And why should she fear? In this country, her thoughts mirror the mindsets of far too many mindless, small-minded drones. She's right in the mainstream. The woman is potentially facing sanctions from UCLA, but I'm sure she'll gain more supporters from being targeted than she would have if she'd been left alone.

That's what's so sad. Ignorance can be a terrible thing, and it's only worse when its shared.




Darth Whitey said...

Sounds like she's angling to be the next Sarah Palin. Definitely a disciple of Rush & friends. Sad.

Now watch what happens next:

1. anti-defamation group or whatever picks up on it, lobbies UCLA for sanctions

2. UCLA bends to pressure, expels her

3. Glenn Beck turns her into a hero, a victim of the PC machine and the evil libruls and their commie nazi left wing conspiracy

4. She goes on Rush's show for an interview, says how she's being persecuted. Mass sympathy ensues.

5. Invited on Hannity. Palin levels of approval and celebrity. Mass donations given for lawsuit against UCLA

6. UCLA settles out of court for undisclosed (large) amount

7. Speaking gigs at conservative events for 20 grand a pop. Professional victim a la Palin.

8. Run for office in a very conservative district someplace, Orange county perhaps. Win easily.

9. Recurring (paid) commentator appearances on Fox

10. Selected for VP nominee.


87. War declared on Costa Rica. Nuke silos emptied. Yay freedom.

Blaque Ink said...

And they say blondes are not airheads.

Big Man said...

Darth you actually made me laugh.

Blackgirlinmaine said...

Sigh...a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Here she is at a place of higher learning yet its clear no learning is going on at all. If it was she would have thought before she spoke.

Dirty Red said...

I have no desire to watch said video because it would piss me off too. But what can you expect fro "real" Americans? If it's White it's alright.

Darth Whitey said...

Here's steps 1-2 of my prediction (same result):


Step 2 this week. Beck's producers are already on it, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily I would be just as upset but here's the kicker when stuff like this happens you have said offended coming out saying 'if this were the blacks'. As if what racism has just MAGICALLY ended and black people still don't have to deal with it on a daily basis?! Then those same said people are absent and noweher to be found for things like the watermelons on the white house lawn the post 'monkey' comic and the president 'spook' picture. And to be honest I have a hard time feeling that much sympathy for Asians because so many try very damn hard to blend in with whites and want to cry foul when ish like this happens. Many times to people[i.e. negroes]they look down on.

MiGrant said...

In defense of white folks (I better not keep doing too much of that around here, huh?), I think it's notable that it's the derision of other whites for her opinions that have made her video a "hit" and an inspiration for mashups like the one you posted. I don't deny the risk of trivializing racism, but when I see the way my 16-y-o daughter and her friends of all races treat the whole subject as one big joke, I can't help but think that mockery may be the only way our society is ever going to move forward.

Raving Black Lunatic