Monday, December 13, 2010

What Can You Say

I read this story recently about this black area in my town that has struggled to rebound from Katrina, not because residents haven't returned, but because businessess haven't followed them.

The area is composed of a wide spectrum of black folks, is quite large, and compared to other areas, fairly prosperous. Yet, it has a dearth of retail shopping and basic amenities like grocery stores and hospitals.

Anyway, the story, done by the local newspaper, spawned a host of racist and insensitive comments as many news stories do these days. Basically, white folks felt these Negroes couldn't get nice things because Negroes always tear stuff up. Sure, none of them actually used those words, but I can understand code words like shoplifting, thugs and welfare.

On a certain level I understand why it's important to combat these prevalent stereotypes among white people. On another level, I simply don't care anymore.

Seriously, I don't care. I've come to realize in my three decades on Earth, that white folks gon' believe what makes them happy. And, believing that black people don't have nice things because they don't deserve them is what makes white folks happy.

That lie absolves them of any blame, of any responsibility, and, most importantly, of any cost. If it's all black folks' fault, then white folks can continue to congratulate themselves on being wonderful, exceptional people. There is no need for a mental reckoning, no need for any personal examination. The world is the way it is because it's a "just world" and black folks have pretty much brought their suffering upon themselves with little outside interference. Any version of history that contradicts that view of the world is the pitiful mewling of soft liberals hell bent on establishing a socialist society.

And honestly, when people think like that, what can you really say? 



Imhotep said...

Big Man, tell it. Can a brother get an amen! speaking truth to power.

“Seriously, I don't care. I've come to realize in my three decades on Earth, that white folks gon' believe what makes them happy. And, believing that black people don't have nice things because they don't deserve them is what makes white folks happy.”

I believe the corollary to your statement, is that white folks in their heart of hearts view us as sub-humans, stuck somewhere between primates and homo-sapiens. This firmly held belief is what has given them license to bring cruelty to me, my community and those that look like me. Surely they would not treat a fellow human the way they treat Black folks ?

I, like you, don’t care anymore and have no respect for anything a white person have to say, their centuries of lies, wickedness and complicit silence have rendered their words empty, and lacking integrity. Anyway, why would I give credence to someone or some group whose existence is partially or fully predicated upon having malevolent views about Black people.

To answer your question “And honestly, when people think like that, what can you really say?” I say fuck’em!

Dirty Red said...

Good post man.

I could not agree more..I don't really care either. But what does piss me off is the Black people that walk among us that do everything in their limited power to justify all the stereotypes that White folks and Black Folks believe. What a White man says about what they think is wrong in my community, goes in one ear and out the other. But to see a Black person in my community jigging to the beat of all the lies that have been spread about us; turning the lies into facts and examples that is gets me riled up.

Darth Whitey said...

That's rather unfortunate Imhotep, sounds like there's nothing I/we can do to be cool with you. You see me and you see a racist no matter what I do or say?

Being racist ain't no fun if "we" don't get a rise out of y'all, guess we'll just have to stop. /s

Clifton said...

Good post and you are right. There is nothing you can say to that kind of person. If you took all the negative images out of the media and everyone had a two parent family and there was no violent crime there would still be the percentage that thinks you are animal. You'll kill yourself worrying about changing their minds.

Blaque Ink said...

Excellent post, Rave.

White folks are basically addicted to living in their own world where racism doesn't exist and the only problems in this world are caused by other people.

There are plenty of reasons why we, as black people, should stop worrying about what white people think about us because some have clearly made up their minds no matter what. They will continue to see us for the mistakes of a few, and see themselves basically as near-perfect individuals.

Big Man said...

Yeah, I have to admit that really gets my blood boiling Dirty Red, particularly when it's a young, supposedly educated black person.

I give a pass to certain old people because they grew up in a different world, and after a certain point your mind isn't as pliable as it once was. Plus, old people are naturally conservative and many of the lies white people use prey on that conservative nature. So when the older preacher at my church makes comments about black folks that I don't agree with and really don't like, I chalk it up to him being old, since he also goes in on white folks on occassion.

But, I can't stand a young person who just spews idiotic stereotypes and viewpoints and actually thinks they are enlightened. That's pisses me off royally.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, Darth, it depends on whether Imhotep is engaging in a bit of hyperpole or really does write off all white people as untrustworthy.

If the former, it's entirely justifiable to do a little "generalizing while venting" because let's face it, the majority of white people don't give a shit (which is different than generalizing about non-whites based on what a MINORITY of their population does).

If the latter, it would be unfortunate, because some whites do either "get it" or try to sincerely understand and admit when they fail.

Regardless, though, I would totally understand any non-white (especially blacks) being highly WARY of white people and their intentions, even when seemingly benign.

lifelearner said...

Excellent post as usual. Don't know if you know about this blogger, but he did a great synopsis about race in America. Thought I'd share :-)

Big Man said...

Yeah, I read Agabond on a regular basis.

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