Friday, November 19, 2010

Obama's Nuts

Apparently President Barack Obama's testicles are a lot like former President George W. Bush's brains.

Their existence is disputed.

Well, at least James Carville disputes the existence of Obama's cojones. I'm sure some of you remember when Carville questioned Obama's testicular fortitude during the campaign as Carville stumped for Hillary Clinton, and now Carville has decided to revive those comments. If you haven't heard about it, check on this cached page. The page used to be on CNN, but when you click on the link now you're told it no longer exists. Good thing Google does.

Anyway, it's always amazing to me that folks feel like Obama's anatomy and manhood are fair game. Carville has tried to laugh off his comment as a joke, but when you say that a woman is more of a man than a man, you're insulting both the man and the woman. You can't joke that away Mr. Carville.

Folks of a certain hue insist on pretending that Obama lacks a backbone, as if getting mad and throwing a hissy fit is proof that you have a backbone. They ignore the fact that he walked into a room full of Republicans and debated them word for word with no backup or teleprompter. They ignore the fact that he's made unpopular decision after unpopular knowing that they would piss of his base. Hell, he ran for president of the United States and exposed himself and his family to previously unimagined level of scrutiny. That takes a certain type of courage.

Black folks understand that Obama has a different sort of temperament, and that he's a black man operating in a largely white environment. Those of us familiar with that particular tightrope know that the slightest slip up can plunge you into a world of peril. We may not agree with all of his choices, but most of us understand that there's only so much angry black man America can take. Hell, some folks are already pissed because he walks with a "strut"!

These trite attacks on Obama's manhood are tiring and disrespectful and they should not be given a pass, particularly when they come from a public figure.

That's what's nuts.



Deacon Blue said...

I do wish he would have lost a bit of the conciliatory, reach across the aisle style when it became clear the GOP was just going to pathologically say "no" to everything, but while I would have like a somewhat more take-charge stance on some issues (and perhaps less political capital spent on healthcare reform), I recognize there is only so much "moxie" he can show. Obama's mere existence in the Oval Office is already sufficient to send the wingnuts into the sense of conviction that they've lost their country and must rise up with anger and violence.

ch555x said...

Isn't he married to some conservative pundit? Anyway, I've gone past questioning the fortitude of these media pundits to report actual news...

Anonymous said...

I DESPISE that ugly gollum looking crome domed asswipe!! Please he is the typical 'undercover' racist liberal s**tbag. Just like John Stewart,Olberman,Joy Behag,and prison bitch Bill Maher[seriously who the hell gets a broken nose from an OPEN HAND tap?!!]. In his little world Obama is supposed to come out like DMX or Snoop Dogg and 'bust a cap' in someone's ass. those types can't possible fathom a black male doesn't need to wave his d--k around to have power.

Raving Black Lunatic