Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Darkness cannot stand the light.

Whether it's darkness of the spirit, of the mind, or just plain physical darkness, the light and the dark cannot co-exist. If one is present, the other must depart.

People like darkness in their lives. They may claim to crave truth and honesty, but their actions expose that as a lie. No one wants to have the little lies that underpin their self image removed because they know that without that foundation the entire house of cards crumbles.

Everyday in America, people fight to keep their darkness. They wrap it around their minds and spirits like a dirty shawl, and while it provides inadequate warmth they are afraid to brave the cold world without it. Darkness comforts and soothes. It provides cover for their fears, and justification for their evil.

Bringing light into this darkness filled world is a dangerous proposition. Allegations, enmity and hatred are on the welcoming committee for those seeking to expose. Challenge the status quo and refuse to succumb to the darkness if you must, but be prepared for the backlash. No one, not your spouse, not your family, not your friends, will abandon their darkness without a fight.

Be careful.



CassandraL said...

Long time reader; first time commenter...this is brilliant. I appreciate your insight.

Big Man said...

Thanks CassandraL, I appreciate that compliment.

Deacon Blue said...

We're all entitled to have our comfy shadows...what scares me are the people who hold to the very dark places all the time and like it there.

Good post.

Jtnot said...

I know Big Man. Sometimes we don't even know we in the darkness.

This whole life thing is a journey of self-discovery, a journey through the darkness created by ego, towards the light deep within.

To get to that light it is most valuable to have a support system, a significant and special someone, preferably someone(s) that we can share our innermost thoughts and feelings, deepest darkest secrets, and those life experiences that cause discomfort when in mind.

Such a support system provides the support, unconditional acceptance and love from another that serves to build the foundation for self-acceptance and love of self so valuable in the pursuit one's ideal self, the being that he or she was designed to be, the ultimate light of what I interpret you to speak.

Big Man, how many of us have that?
More importantly, how many of us, in our closest interpersonal relationships, provide that type of support sytem for those significant others? Are we sometimes a bit judgmental, critical, opinionated, too quick to give advice and often unsupportive while demonstrating a lack of understanding and empathy?

Could the darkness created by ego serve as an obstacle impeding the growth and light to be found in the reflection and honest answers to the above?

Big Man said...

Good comment JTKnot.

Anonymous said...

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