Friday, August 27, 2010

Marching On

Trouble is coming to Washington this weekend.

Polemic news figure Glen Beck has scheduled is modern "March On Washington" for this weekend and he has hailed the event as a fitting tribute to the march once led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In fact, Beck has gone so far as to claim that he is now carrying the mantle of King's legacy far better than any of the black groups who purport to be part of King's lineage.

That deserves a chuckle. One of those rueful chuckles. The kind used to avoid anger or tears. A chuckle that says "Well, ain't that about a b*tch..." One of those chuckles.

Truthfully, there really is something funny about the situation. A man known for spewing racist filth, for trading in accusations and innuendo at the expense of truth and for his faith in a religion that openly subscribed to the notion that black people were inferior human beings up until 1979 has claimed that he is Dr. King's rightful successor. Even if this was a Hollywood script it would have to be one of those spoof movies, right?

In real life, Beck's proposal for his march has been met with derision, dismay, and in some circle, determination. Some folks have made it their "mission" to counteract Beck's march, while others have joined up to protect his "freedoms" and proclaim him a true believer in King's mantra. On both sides charlatans abound, and the event promises to be a media circus.

Which couldn't work out better for Beck.

The chance to bolster his media profile and attract more followers is likely the main reason for Beck's proposed march. The secondary goal is to continue the insidious assimilation of King's message into the conservative movement so that conservatives can have the perfect idealogical Kevlar to protect them from charges of racism.

What you didn't get the memo?

The aim of many conservatives has been obvious for years, but it's only recently that they truly been able to reap what they've sown. Through careful planning and devious machinations, they've managed to completely skew and distort racial issues in this country so that somebody like Glen Beck can name himself a worthy successor to King. Not only that, but Beck has managed to convince thousands of others to agree with him!

Conservatives don't deserve all the credit since liberals have only helped create this current state of affairs with their inability to discuss current and past racism without turning into complete pansies who lack in basic comprehension. But, I must give credit where credit is due, and contrary to the popular stereotype of conservatives as bumbling Jethros, they shown far more knowledge about the collective American psyche than liberals

As many pundits have noted, the level of truth and logic needed to win a debate these days is pretty low. You don't need to actually practice kindness, equality or honesty to label to claim those qualities. Concerning yourself with data and facts is considered passe`. And while I can't honestly say this is some new development in the annals of humanity, I will say that there seems to be a serious intellectual regression in America that makes our economic recession seem minuscule.

Beck represents much of what is wrong in this country today. His march is a celebration of an ethos built on the idea that shouting the loudest and longest is the most dependable method for creating reality. Beck is America in 2010. He perfectly encapsulates the mindset driving this country.

But, he will never represent Dr. King.



Jihad Punk 77 said...

I know. I laughed and then I became extremely infuriated when I heard this.

To further demonstrate the point that the Tea Bagger douche-bags are trying to deflect claims of racism, Glenn Beck has ordered NO signs or t-shirts at the rally:

check that out.

Deacon Blue said...

Far left likes to bitch and moan and lecture, but hesitates to actually interact with the "common man" (of any ideology) in any substantive way.

The Far Right is more than happy to glad-hand working America, poor America, etc. (granted, mostly the Whites, but still...).

So, yeah, liberals have really sunk their own cause, which has helped ensure that there is no loud voice in the middle with notions of accuracy, restraint, accountability, and the like to be heard most days.

Clifton said...

Big Man,
I feel you and agree with everything you just said but tomorrow Dr. King's own daughter is going to stand up there and validate the whole event so everyone will look more racist for calling Glenn Beck racist. I'm not going to spend much energy worrying about it. These folks are good at what they do.

Big Man said...

Well, you can always find a Negro willing to do anything for money. Actually, you can find somebody of any race willing to do anything for the right amount of money.

Anonymous said...

It's not his daughter it's his niece and she seems none too bright. Just when I thought this pissant couldn't any bigger of a JOKE than he already is he outdoes himself. Well done asshole.

Thordaddy said...

Lil man,

Once again, you get it so wrong.

Glenn Beck conservative???

How so?

This is dude is just DYING to prove how not racist he is.

You say it's deception, but it's really a sickness especially in all of Beck's ill white followers.

The reality is that you are playing your part. You are feigning "deception" when what we are seeing is mass illness (an irrational need to be not seen as racist) and an addict like Glenn Beck leading this "deception."

lil man and Beck are almost like allies.

Big Man said...

If you think Glen Beck is really worried about not being seen as racist, you're the one who is not paying attention.

Anonymous said...

When you said "raving black lunatic" you couldn't have been more right. Its funny that black people always think everything is about them "being black". if you could just get out of that mindset and realize that isnt what its always about. Im not praising Glenn but the fact that he is white shouldnt be such a big deal. so what the man is white and agrees with Dr. King and his general message. The point of the rally was to remind people of this message. Rasicm is such a pathetic way for you to always feel like your right. it is the only card that you can play in most situations becuase its the easiest way out since its always going to be such a touchy subject. If Glenn was a black man then what would your argument be.

Big Man said...


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you feel much better after that rant, and I hope your ill-constructed and poorly articulated argument made you happy.

I suggest you read Dana Milbank's recent column on Glenn Beck's civil rights bonafides, or maybe the writings of Leonard Pitts or Eugene Robinson to get a better picture of what was wrong with Beck's charade. I doubt you'll do that, but hey, all I can do is lead an ass to water.

Raving Black Lunatic