Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Storm Season

Wind blow, tree bend.

Bend, but don't break.

Break, but don't splinter.

Splinter and suffer.

Rain fall, ground drink.

Drink, but don't gulp.

Gulp, but don't drown.

Drown and suffer.

Trouble come, man cry.

Cry, but don't wail.

Wail, but don't despair.

Despair, but don't succumb.

Succumb and suffer forever.



T.A.N. Man said...


Deacon Blue said...


Black Diaspora said...

I hope I'm not labeling myself a contrarian, as I offer my perspective.

As long as succumbing is one's condition, suffering persists, and is "forever," but not in an eternal sense.

"Storm season" has its purpose, just as do birches that boys swing, sometimes almost to the ground, and they don't always snap back because of the swinging.

And suffering is always a choice. It's not mandatory, and is always optional.

And if, at our human extremities, we come up wanting, there's yet another part of us that remains strong, untouched, and unconquerable.

And as we place our focus upon that grander self, that image of Images, human gain nor loss can harm us, or be our perpetual condition.

Big Man said...

I agree with what you wrote Black Diaspora. It wasn't contrary at all.

Imhotep said...

Is one's life an entire stormy season? How do you know if or when the storm has passed, is that knowledge only available through hindsight? Does the stormy season allow for a more enjoyable summer season? If so, then the stormy season has value, no?

"Despair, but don't succumb. Succumb and suffer forever".

Don't agree. There is an exultation that can take place after succumbing. Now, if long term suffering is all that one can see, then a bullet to the head maybe the appropriate action.

Big Man said...


Interesting thoughts on succumbing. I tend to view that word as meaning the ultimate giving up, but not a giving up out of peace, but out of overwhelming despair. At least that's how I was trying to use it.

Explain this exultation.

Imhotep said...

First, when you say that someone succumb, I interpret that to mean the succumbing to the pressures of life. I believe, If those pressures are not dealt with, they can lead to problems such as dependency issues or can lead to mental or physical illness.

Often times we are involved with relationships that are pressure filled, such as job, family or personal property. In such a situation you can choose to deal with the day-to-day pressures and the accompanying maladies (seen and unseen) or you can succumb to the pressure to extricate yourself from the burdensome relationship(s), and letting the chips fall where they may. With the reduction of pressure, there is the opportunity for greater peace of mind, to me that’s something to be exulted about.

Big Man said...


It's interesting that you viewed succumbing in that manner. That's different from what I was thinking about when I used it, but that doesn't make it invalid. Thanks for sharing your different meaning.

Imhotep said...

While we're clearning thing up, what do you mean by succumb? Is there some kind of finality to your defination?

Big Man said...

That's what I was thinking in my mind.

The picture I had when using the word was like somebody struggling to keep their head above water, and then giving in finally.

I guess, that means you wouldn't suffer forever, but in my mind that's what I thought about. Just giving up and getting comfortable in your despair and suffering.

KonWomyn said...

Hey Big Man
Jst checking out your spot. I dig it. And I'm feeling the poem too. Succumbing does feel like giving in to the forces that weigh you down - throughout the poem the message is no matter how hard it is, never let your situation get the best of you.


Big Man said...

Glad you liked my poem and enjoyed my spot.

Black Diaspora said...

@Big Man: "Just giving up and getting comfortable in your despair and suffering."

I see succumbing more in the sense of "acceptance."

With acceptance comes space for change. Until you own a thing, you can't change it.

If the poem is of your own creation, I'd say it's good, as well. It makes you think. Good poems do that!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

That was extraordinary. Thank you for sharing it.

Big Man said...


Thanks again for the compliments on the poem I wrote. I appreciate the feedback.

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