Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Age of Anger

Are you mad?

If you're like many folks in this country, you have a whole host of reasons why you're upset, and all of them feel justified. It could be your job, your family, your health or just some nebulous feeling of unease. Whatever, it is, it's making you angry.

American has been an angry place since that guy got in the oval office. You know the guy, purple lips, slim build, peculiar gait. That guy seems to have made everything worse. Civil discourse has completely disappeared, the economy is tanking, racial violence is increasing, and dammit, I can't turn on the news without having to hear about a racial issue.

What happened to my country?

In my America, people knew how to talk around important issues, we knew how to sweep certain discussions under the rug. There was not this incessant push to confront injustice, it was more about going with the flow. Don't make waves and you'll be taken care of, you know.

Look at how this new anger thing has affected the blacks. (By the way, I still don't understand why we can't say Negro. It means "black" in Spanish and it sounds so much more poetic than regular "black.") Back in my day, the blacks knew how to enjoy life. The ones who were poor had their Saturday night fun, and the ones with a little money understood how to keep to themselves.

You could be confident that if you gave a Negro, I mean a black, a hand-up he understood that you were his benefactor. He was eternally grateful to you. The blacks knew that success was a privilege and that it could be snatched from them. Althea Gibson would have never gotten cheeky like Serena Williams, and if you think Bill Russell would have dared give a speech like Michael Jordan's, well you don't know America.

And Kanye? Kanye! First of all his momma would have never named him after a pepper. And, I know he damn sure wouldn't have a career if he did that to an all-American girl in my day. It's like these Negroes have lost their tiny minds.

You know it's all because of him. He made them think they could let their hair down, that we would tolerate this sort of behavior. Sure, he says all the right things, although he showed his black buttocks with that Henry Gates thing, but beneath that placid veneer lurks an angry black man. Do y'all remember how he got all huffy when folks started making some good natured jibes about his wife? Issuing threats like he has the right to impede my free speech, how dare he!

It's like these Negroes think they can say anything now that this guy is running the show. And running it into the ground I might add. How do we go from peace and prosperity to anarchy in ten months? Well, when you start worrying about diversity and not about results, what do you expect? I don't want to sound like a racist, but any time you let certain folks get involved in stuff, well the quality deteriorates. Look at our urban areas.

What really galls me is how angry so many of the blacks are now. You would think that they would be satisfied now that they've got their guy in the White House. But you give a Negro an inch and there's no stopping him. It's like they think that the world should change immediately. Where's the patience, where's their understanding? Folks don't like disruption. Intelligent people can discuss problems without resorting to name-calling or ugliness. I wish these blacks would follow the example of real Americans.

I just want to let all the hardworking, tax-paying Americans know that I get their confusion over all this misplaced anger. Just like you, it makes me mad, and I think I deserve to be mad. It's the folks without legitimate complaints that need to learn some decorum.

Thanks for your time.



LisaMJ said...

You so crazy!!!! :-)

This made me laugh. I upset, I was furious for awhile but I'm trying to calm down for my mental health's sake and, as an older black man advised me, to have "realistic" expectations, i.e, don't get so upset when certain melanin deficient people act the fool and show their asses. Interstingly enough though I was mad before the "purple lipped" one for the 8 previous years, when your alter ego was probably in paradise. I honestly gave Bush the benefit of the doubt despite the crazy 2000 election but he lost it quickly. I don't know what is up with this country. Maybe we can't help but be mad, even during the much lauded 50's when we had so much prosperity, there were folks who were mad about communists, black folks who were mad about being treated badly and white folks who were mad that blacks wanted our rights. Sigh. Is it that we are never satisifed as Americans? Is it part of the human condition? I swear sometimes I think we never should have evolved past say the primative primate stage b/c humans are so messed up and so unlike the rest of the animal life on this planet in such fundamentally destructive ways.

LisaMJ said...

I'm upset, not I upset. Maybe I didn't evolve as far as I thought :-)

Darth Whitey said...

lol that's exactly the speech the grand wizard at my kkk meeting gave last night :-)

Deacon Blue said...

Bravo, sir. Bravo!

Oddly enough, I kept it together up until the Kanye/pepper comment, which was when I could chuckle silently no longer.

Black Diaspora said...

A master of satire. Beautiful! Just beautiful.

On behalf of all blacks, let me say this to those white Americans that voted for John McCain:

We knew that it was too early to put a black man in the White House (After all, it's the "White" House.)

And we're sorry that we went to the polls in such numbers that we're now guilty of the biggest racist crime of all: Blacks voting en masse for another black.

But, if there's any consolation, not all of us voted for Barack Obama. Some of our black conservative cousins voted for McCain.

That should make you happy to some extent. Not all of us blacks were racist to the point of voting for a black man.

I know: it looked like we were putting all our money on the black horse, hoping that the long shot would pay, what, a 1000 to 1?

We didn't know he'd actually win. We had the audacity of hope, and we chanted right along with whites, "Yes We Can," but we didn't really think we could.

His election surprised us, too! So don't hold it against us. Obama was our "dream deferred." We were tired of "raisins in the sun." We wanted to eat grapes from the vine, not dried up raisins again.

And Kanye West, and Sista Serena Williams, well, they did their best. They've been holding it in how whites have been treating our first African-American president, until they couldn't any longer, and just exploded.

They wanted to take it out on the first white that held the power of white privilege, a white line judge, and an award that should have, by all accounts, gone to Beyonce. Everybody knew she had the best damn video in the history of videos.

Now, y'all noticed that Sista Williams didn't actually ram that effin' tennis ball down the judges throat as she threatened, and Beyonce made it up to the white performer, by giving her some of her acceptance time so that she could thank her left-out fans and staff.

You see: Not all of us are rude, insensitive, and boorish, and Sista Williams exercised some commonsense restraint, even though she still lost the match.

And you had to notice: Ms Williams clapped Ms Clijster on the shoulder, and congratulated her for the hollow victory she was given, because of the one point she lost, penalized for unsportsmanlike behavior, which gave Kim Clijster the match.

Take some measure of delight in knowing: your attacks on President Obama is causing us to lose our ever loving minds, just as his being the most powerful black man in the world, and leader of the greatest country in the world, is blowing yours.

Big Man said...

I'm glad y'all liked it.

Bean said...

Since when is there a Kanye variety of peppers?

Deacon Blue said...

Bean, but of course there is...the kanye pepper is just a little hotter under the collar than a cayenne, at around 70,000 Scoville units

Big Man said...


Thanks for explaining the reference point.

Kanye's name has always seemed like it would remind folks of cayenne pepper. At least it always reminds me of cayenne pepper.

Deacon Blue said...

Aside from shedding light, I just figured it would be a nice way to give a plug to Scoville units. ;-) I don't know why, but I just love the pepper-heat-rating system. Then again, I like spicy food. Not that I can find much of it in freakin' Northern New England...

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your comment on Racialicious and think black folks need to sht the f--k up and back the f--k off! And I say this as a black person myself I certainly don't recall ANYONE whining about Bill Clinton 'not doing enough' or not 'giving it to so and so'. Even while they were calling him 'first black president' but NOT holding him accountable for anything funny how black folks slobber like mad after white male politicians but don't demand they do anything. Which they happily obliged seeing how most of them don't give a CRAP about us anyway but that doesn't stop black people from giving them complete and utter support like cult followers. But now they expect Mr. Obama to go all Malcolm X on everybody which is stupid and complete b.s. .

Big Man said...


I can understand your sentiment. I agree with a lot of it, although I do understand the frustration some black feel with Obama's decision to duck racial issues. I think many us would like to see certain things dealt with squarely and we see Obama as our ultimate advocate in this country. Unfortunately, that ain't reality.

Anonymous said...

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Raving Black Lunatic