Friday, August 29, 2008

Clutch Like a Stick Shift

So, Big Homie came through again.

That dude is the Reggie Jackson of politics; massive moments produce massive results. Pressure is his woman. When she comes by for a booty call convinced that he can't handle what she's slinging, he sends her home sated and subdued.

Ice cold baby.

I wasn't even all choked up by the speech to be honest. It was a nice speech, full of on-point quips and on-target arrows, but it didn't move me like his race speech. That was a speech that had me on an emotional high for days. But, what this speech did do was make the panties of every media personality in Denver drop, and that's what mattered Thursday night.

Did y'all see all those media folk fall all over themselves to praise Obama? It was like they hadn't seen him rise to every occasion in the past. They were honestly shocked that Obama hit every note, met every demand and then exceeded all of their expectations.

Have they not been paying attention?

Homie has made mistakes; he's fallen short on issues and handled situations far differently then I would have. But, he's never failed to come through with a big speech when it was nut cutting time. Hell, his career got started because four years ago he turned the entire Democratic party with a speech. He's like a pimp with a heart, a smooth tongue bound together with actual morals. Chuck Todd put it best when he noted that when it comes to speechwriting, there is no equal too Obama in politics.

Tell me that cat didn't have y'all ready to change the world by the time he finished talking?

Anyway, I had another post ready to go about the hurricane heading towards my home, but y'all can catch that on Saturday. I had to push it back because after watching Obama I knew this needed to be said:

Pressure ain't nothing but an eight-letter word.


Anonymous said...

Even Pat Freakin' Buchanan's panties dropped!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ a pimp with a heart.
you're right, it didn't move me as much as the race speech, but i was just giddy thinking about how mccain and his advisors were readjusting their underwear after the o-man verbally dug in those cheeks.
and the media response was priceless. sometimes i wonder if they've even been paying attention.

Timi said...

Even I had to pause as I listened to Pat Buchanan orgasm'd over Barack's speech.

Game set. Match. Bitches. lol

the uppity negro said...


Juan Williams still "can't get no satisfaction" !!!

Big Man said...

I so enjoyed watching Pat Buchanan admit how great Obama was.

I was only upset that we didn't get to hear from Eugene Robinson about what happened.

I was also laughing at how CNN kept rotating black people out of the "black chair" to discuss things, while all the white poeple on the panel stayed the same. That was funny.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

An academy award winning script writer couldn't have written yesterday any better. A historical day in black history and American history. For him to fufill the dream on the day that speech was given with a great speech was awesome.

Like you the race spech is my favorite Obama speech ever, but this one did what it was suppose to!! And then some!!


Imhotep said...

Super speech. I was most impressed with the tone, his tone took on a confrontational air that I've been longing to see. It was a refreshing break from the above the fray mr. nice guy.

Kick the mothafucka ass Obama, lets take this shit home!

WNG said...

There is nothing I can say about the speech...

Please be careful, Big Man - I'm worried about you and that storm.

des said...

Meet the new Iceman!!! He was so good Pat Buchanan forgot he was black. After this morning's response from the McCain camp, Wolf Blitzer said, with a straight face, that McCain's selection of Sarah Palin has forced the Obama/Biden camp to make some serious adjustments in their campaign. I can't even respond.

Anonymous said...

I was moved to near tears. WOW.

However.. I am very very worried. This veep pick by McCain is absolutely brilliant. I know it's getting panned by the far left (gawd I hate them, I hate all wings, I'm a breast man) but it accomplishes soooo much.

Inexperienced? No problem, veep job is an apprenticeship anyway. As soon as the dems attack her on that, they'll turn it around on Obama and ask why the dem ticket isn't reversed (which, IMHO, would not have been a bad idea after all... Biden/Obama would be pretty good)

Woman. Lots of angry women out there who just want a woman prez. Dems will accuse them on trying to poach clinton voters. But I guarantee you they'd have picked Steele had the nominee been CLinton.

Conservative. Pro-life, etc. Appease the right wing (I hate wings!!)

Wow. I have to say, I think we're f'd now. Ugh.

WNG said...

@anon -
I really don't think that Hillary's voters are stupid enough to think that an Anti-Choice, Creationist, NRA card carrier who is being investigated and is married to a man in bed with Big Oil is the kind of woman we want to be voting for.

Big Man said...

You don't think so WNG?

You always did have more faith in humanity than me.

MODI said...

"But, what this speech did do was make the panties of every media personality in Denver drop, and that's what mattered Thursday night."

Yes, that is what mattered -- except I took a peek at Fox and they were on their usual bullshit.

wng -- you also have more faith than me. I thing that you are overestimating here

Raving Black Lunatic